Sunday, July 27, 2014

Fun Times, Family & Friends

Last week we took our annual family summer trip-this year to Jackson Hole, Wyoming area-and this year we took friends with us! It was perfect. Lots of fun-hiking, eating, playing games, relaxing, and other great activities.

We headed up to Victor, ID (which is about 25 minutes outside of Jackson) on Thursday. On our way we stopped in Lava Hot Springs to swim in the big waterpark there and then stopped at Pizza Pie Cafe in Pocatello, so we didn't get into our condo until late that night.

We stayed in Idaho for about 5 days.

Friday we hiked around Jenny Lake. It's really beautiful. And big. Seven miles didn't seem like that much when we started out. It was. We reached a point when we realized that the kids weren't going to make it all the way, so we sent the women and Jonah-our friends 12 year old-ahead to get the cars and come back for everyone. It was a long hike and we were exhausted when it was done, but it was still a great experience.

Here we are at the waterfall that we hiked to early on in the journey:

See if you can guess one of the reasons we fit so well with these friends:

That's a lot of boys. No girls anywhere to be seen. (Well other than us moms of course.)

Most of the pictures from this trip are from that hike.

More of the boys (guess the moms should get in the shot sometime):

Here's some pictures of our picnic lunch pre-hike:

During the hike. Someone's a weirdo... and someone's grumpy I guess:

After hiking Friday we went to dinner at a fun sports bar in Jackson. After we finished eating we were surprised when the TVs on the wall got really loud all of a sudden and the food network came on and it was featuring that very restaurant! (It was called Sidewinders Grill.) There was a big party, the owner was there and everyone was cheering as we all watched Food Network feature this restaurant. It was a lot of fun to be caught in the middle of that. One of the highlights of the trip really.

On Saturday we rode the alpine slide but I didn't get any pictures and we went to a local candy store.

Sunday we just drove through Teton National Park and Yellowstone a little. Such a pretty area. And we saw moose and bison.

Monday we went swimming at the Grand Targhee resort in Driggs. That was fun. The pool is just steps away from a ski lift. It was an unusual setting for a swimming pool-which made it even more fun.

That night we went to the Bar J Wranglers show-a Western show with a chuck wagon dinner before it and the lots of cowboy singing. The kids loved it...until they fell asleep. Here's just a few pictures from before the show:

Here's our friends the Thurmans: (dang-someone took a nice picture of them!)

We didn't get a good picture of us at that point because we had grumpy kids who were being disciplined.

Tuesday we drove home. In the middle of all of this fun we had movie nights and game nights and lots of treats and laughing and fun-both from the kids and the adults. So much fun!

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Kindergarten Grad

I think it's a little funny how kids "graduate" all the time now, not just at the end of high school or college. So here's hoping that these two little best friends still feel the same about each other at high school graduation as they did at the end of kindergarten graduation:

(Dal and his best friend Logan.)

Dallen's teacher did a very cute little graduation ceremony at the end of the school year for his class:

I helped in his class a lot this year so I love to see all those cute little people. Dal's other best friend, Carson, is sitting to the left of him in this picture.

Here's the big guy getting his diploma:

And throwing his cap at the end of the ceremony:

This kid's a ham! He had the best experience in Kindergarten. His teacher, Mrs. Brown, was fantastic and he had a great group of friends in his class. He learned to read really well and so far has spent a lot of the summer buried in a book. Love it!

Sunday, February 2, 2014

The Day I Thought I Would Die

There are a number of things that, had you asked me in early November if I would ever do in my life, I would have said no. Wear skinny jeans? Nope. Earrings? Nada-the holes have closed. Put on a pair of trendy boots? Who are you kidding? Run a half marathon? You've got to be kidding me!

I don't know what happened?! By mid January I had done ALL OF THOSE THINGS. It's like something possessed me. Weird.

The weirdest though was definitely running the half. Before November I'd never run more than 4 miles at one time in my whole life. And I had only done that once (and it was a year before). Typically I ran 2-3 miles several times a week and felt good about life. (I should say though that just a short year and a half ago I swore I would never be a runner, so even the running thing is a little weird.)

Then one Saturday morning I went out for a run with a few of my friends. When they announced that they were running 4 I said-that's great! I'll run my 3 and see you at the finish line. But when I hit the 3 mile mark I felt fine so I decided to go a little farther until I had run 4 and a quarter. And you know what? It felt GOOD!

Same thing happened at 5 miles. I started to think maybe I liked running a little farther. Then they wanted me to do 7 miles. I did. That was the day after I had a stomach bug, so it didn't go well and I wanted to die. But somehow they convinced me to keep going.

Anyway, I ended up training up to 9.5 miles and then bowed out of any further training because of a foot injury that I didn't want to exacerbate.

Over Martin Luther King weekend we headed down to St. George and I did it. I ran a half marathon. My first and last. Seriously. That was HARD! I was cruising along feeling GREAT up until about mile 9 or 10 and then I hit a WALL. This course was very hilly and we had trained on a track (ie. flat). It was just hard.

But I did it and I feel great about it.

I ran the whole thing with this lady. We got each other through and truthfully, she's the reason I did it. (Why am I friends with her?!) There's a sweet deal in it for me though. She's now not allowed to ever move away from the town we live in. Which means I will have a good rest of my life. Which was worth 2 and a half hours of pain. (I look a little like a goon but hey-I just ran 13.1 miles!)

 Here are the other half marathon runners that I went down with:

And the whole group that went down. (Three smart ones didn't run.)

And can I just say that I LOVE these ladies and I am so glad to be friends with them. They are neat people and we had a ton of fun. It was 65 that day so after the race we hot tubbed, ate, laid in the sunshine, talked, played games and just had a blast. I am so happy to have found such great friends so soon after moving here.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

4 Wheeling Dreams

Last Saturday our friends from the ward/neighborhood took us 4 wheeling. This is not something we have ever done before. I've gone 4 wheeling and so has Josh, but we've never done it as a family, so this was a step out for us.

If you know Dallen, you can imagine that he was in heaven. He got to ride on the back of a 4 Wheeler with our 15 year old friend Whitney for a longer ride that we all went on and she went faster and higher than the rest of us and he loved it. Every time they passed us he stuck out one hand with a big thumbs up.

Jack loved driving the kid sized 4 wheeler himself:

Adam got in on the action too! Don't worry, he's strapped on!

All of the boys had fun. I should have gotten pictures of Nathan and Dallen driving too, but suffice it to say, it was a hit all around!

Sunday, November 10, 2013

A Trip to the Pumpkin Patch

We went to Denver to visit back in October and while we were there we hit up a really fun pumpkin patch! I really love going to pumpkin patches. It reminds me of my Wisconsin days. I took a whole bunch of pictures, so here they are in no particular order:

Adam posing with Uncle Scott:

Dal being cute:

And brave. (Always climbing to the top of something-most recently it's the door frames of our house):

And swinging! He always does that pointing thing when he thinks he's being cool. I love it:

Here's Jack swinging:

Here's cousin James driving the tractor:

Nathan riding the kiddie train. He barely fits!

We also met up with my cousins. Here's my cousin Rachel's little boy Noah:

And Noah again: (frankly I would like to take him home with me)

OK, loved this moment. Adam discovered his pockets and walked around with both hands in them:

Here's my cousin Sarah with her daughter Jade:

Adam in the train:

And the whole gang of boys on the tractor out front:

Right after that Adam fell under the tractor and whacked his head and got a massive goose egg! Poor guy! Fun trip!

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween!

It's a Halloween miracle! I'm adding something to my blog. I have more to add...lots more, but for now I will just get these pictures up with the promise of more to come.

We've had a crazy busy Halloween-I helped in 2 class parties, did the parade thing, and all the rest. Trick or treating tonight was about as good as it gets, the boys had a blast, and now that they are in bed...I can eat their candy.

Here's the 4 in their costumes:

We've got Crazy Horse the Indian chief:

The world's CUTEST Elmo:

Jay from Ninjago (a Ninja):

And Donatello, the Ninja Turtle:

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The Beast Turns 2

The final birthday in the month of June-just four short days after his dad's birthday (which I didn't blog about-sorry Josh)-Adam turned 2. In our home Adam is also known as Beast. I can't remember where this nickname came from and really it's only fitting some of the time. Most of the time he's a dream. Sometimes he's a beast. Either way we ADORE this kid!

It was an extra fun birthday because Grandma happened to be in town for it. We did a few of Adam's favorite things to celebrate the day. We went to see ducks (he LOVES ducks) and feed them at the park, we also swung on the swings (another of his favorite things) and we went to get "kinks" (drinks) at Sonic because they kid is always in need of a drink. 

That evening we had the uncles over for cupcakes and hotdogs. Of course we had to have duck cupcakes (a little bit goofy looking but I figured Adam didn't care too much):

The thing about being the 4th boy in a family is that you HAVE to do everything just like your big brothers. Adam loves to sing happy birthday and throw in some Cha cha chas because that's what his brothers do. He was SO excited!!!

Here's a video of him being sung to:

There's just no denying it, this kid is loveable! At book club last night my friends all got talking about Adam and how in love with him they are and they just want to squeeze him. He's sitting right next to me right now all excited about watching that video of himself, singing, clapping and just being adorable in every way. I think I might eat him he's so cute. And squeezy. And loveable.

A few things about Adam.

He loves drinks. Do not leave home without a drink or you will pay dearly.

He adores his big brothers Nani, Kack and DalDal and wants to do everything like them. He MUST sit in a chair at the table, not a high chair. He MUST have the same things they have. He MUST be part of the gang.

He loves pop music. His favorite song is You Don't Know You're Beautiful by One Direction. He goes crazy when it comes on the radio and sings along and dances. He can sing along with a lot of me and his brother's favorite songs. Today he even sang along with the jingle on the radio-"80s, 90s, NOW!" Cracked me up!

He is at the 3% for height (hey we hit the charts!!!), 50% for weight and, wait for it....99% for head! No wonder he took so long to walk! His big old noggin' made it hard!

He has started saying a few funny phrases. "I don't care" and "No fair" are cracking me up. He says them all the time lately but completely out of context. It's so funny.

He's got an opinion, but what 2 year old doesn't.

He loves to hug. Whenever I tell him someone is coming over or that we are going to go see someone he informs me he's going to hug them. For example-"Adam, guess who's coming over tonight? Uncle Jas!" and Adam instantly says "hhhhhhuuuuuggggg."

He's got all the kids that we are friends with in love with him too. When we go to the park or the pool I have tons of babysitters because everyone wants to play with Adam.

We absolutely adore this addition to our family. Who wouldn't?!