Sunday, April 20, 2008

What a day!

This day has been so good it is almost hard to believe. I know I posted already today, but I got some cute new pictures this afternoon and we had such a great day that I just had to post about it. The weather I think made the day great along with everyone getting a nice nap so that they are happy.

This evening we went for a walk after dinner tonight and we were like the model of a happy family. The sun was shining, the boys were holding hands and talking happily, Dallen was cooing in his and Josh just kept looking at each other like "this is weird." It was wonderful! Those are the moments that make families great. At one point today the boys went into the front yard and I looked out and Nathan was singing a monster truck and Jack was being the monster truck and running in circles around the yard. It was just so nice to see them playing so happily together. Anyway, really I mostly wanted to post a few more pictures that I got this afternoon, so here they are:

I told Nathan I wanted to take a picture of him and he put his hands in his pockets and posed like this! (Above) Below: This is the first decent shot I have gotten of all three together!

I just had to get a picture of them holding hands and walking along talking!

Spring found Wisconsin!

I am SO happy to report that we are supposed to reach the 70s for the first time today in Madison and it is sunny too. I am laying on the couch right now-2:17 on a Sunday afternoon. All four of the boys in my house are asleep and I have the windows up and the birds are singing outside. So nice! I also have to say that I love blogs! I love taking a little time on Sundays to read up on all my cousins and friends.

Anyway, life is good here right now. Josh has started writing his thesis (which is actually a little shocking because it means we are moving in three months) so he is just working from the Verona library-5 minutes from where we live. And the big plus is that it doesn't open until 9 so he doesn't leave home till then (during his PhD he has always left at 6:30) and then he comes home at 5:30-at least 30 minutes before he used to get home. I am getting totally spoiled having him around more. The boys are really loving it too.

I do a co-op preschool with 5 other mom friends of mine and their 4/5 year olds. A couple of weeks ago when it was my turn to teach we did Dr. Seuss. That was the best theme ever-we had so much fun doing Sneetch star on off machine, making Cat in the Hat hats, eating Schlopp Schlopp Beautiful Schlopp, Beautiful Schlopp with a cherry on top, etc. It is a mad house when I teach here-6 preschoolers plus Jack and Dallen but oh well. I am putting a picture of all the kiddos on the couch in their hats. It was fun.

My mom and brother Jason came to visit a week ago. It was Jason's first time in WI so it was fun to show him around a little but it rained and was cold the whole time they were here. Jason bought a Wii while he was here and we had never played we want a Wii! That was fun! The boys loved playing with grandma and "Uncle Coco" too.

Jack has learned to pedal his tricycle-that is one of my favorite things to see. My cute little almost 3 year old riding along on his trike with a big old helmet on. I just thought of a funny thing he did recently: I was at McD's with a friend letting the kids play on the play area and eating lunch. This friend has a baby that is about 5 months older than Dallen. I went to get our food and when I came back my friend told me that Jack had said to her "Our baby is cuter than your baby!' Nice Jack-we have to have a little talk about appropriate things to say to our friends.

Dallen is cute and fun as always. He is not sleeping well again and acting like the reflux is bugging him more and more so I might be calling the Dr. this week to get him on medication. He is so smiley but I can't get any giggles out of him yet. I can't wait for that to start. Today I did my own little photo shoot with him. I am tired of going to Penney's for professional pictures and not being very impressed with them and paying for them, so I decided to give it a whirl myself. Not bad for 5 minutes effort and a bedsheet for a backdrop. My next project is to get one of all three boys together. That could be harder!

I have to say, I have always thought Dallen looked more like Nathan but in this shot I see a lot of Jack.