Thursday, May 21, 2009

Hot Shot

I have been feeling so guilty. In my mind I can hear Josh's grandma in American Fork, UT saying "why hasn't Amber blogged lately?" Actually she probably wouldn't use "blogged" as a verb-more like "why hasn't Amber updated her blog lately?" (I am told that she says this if I go too many days between entries.)

After the fun of Disneyland and with my thoughts on life and all that living it entails (in the past two weeks I have heard from friends and family of death of parents, death of friends, miscarriage, birth of new babies, bad news from Dr.'s, good news from Dr.s, moving, etc.) I haven't been able to think of anything blog worthy to post about. Finally I have come up with little Hot Shot.

I call Dallen Hot Shot because, well, because he is a Hot Shot-or at least he thinks he is. He took his time learning to walk (just started finally about a month and a half ago) but even before he was walking he was on the move-trying to keep up with the big brothers, to do what they do. He isn't a sit still kind of kid. But the worst is the climbing. See exhibit 1 from earlier this week:

That is the piano. The worst though is the ladder that leads to the top bunk-Dallen's most desired place in the house. He could climb that thing well before he learned to walk. I have never had a climber before.

And, my little baby (I still refer to him as "baby" on a regular basis, for example "Josh, could you grab a diaper for baby?") is growing up. He is no longer in a high chair, he is at a booster at the table. Yesterday he helped me bake brownies-he even helped stir: (oh! And I put a cute apron on him which he did NOT think was cool but I insisted on just so I could have a cute picture for the blog):

Today at the park he spent most of his time riding various random bikes that he found lying around:

He is moving on to toddlerhood and doing it with style. This kid is fun. Yesterday a friend of mine taught him to sind the Elmo song and now he marches around with his tongue protruding from his cute little lips singing "la la la la."
Oh and how could I forget? One of the funniest things he has learned recently comes directly from big brother Jack. Jack, being of a somewhat contrary nature occasionally, has been known to yell "No!" at me from the back seat of the car on occasion. Within the last few weeks Dal has caught on to this mode of behavior and will mimick Jack with a small and cute version of "no, no, no!" For now it is funny...someday I am sure it won't be.
But, as you can see from the pictures of smiles, he is a happy, wonderful and fun little boy. My little Hot Shot.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Visiting Teaching Cartoon (Click to Enlarge)

A friend of mine emailed this to me and I thought it was great and just had to share for those who haven't seen it. :)

Sunday, May 10, 2009

My Thoughts on Motherhood

I will admit it-this is Mother's Day was one of those days on which I am grateful to be a mother...when my boys are asleep! They weren't necessarily on their best behavior today and I am glad that they are upstairs in dreamland right now (actually, I expect Jack will be out of his room any minute now wanting something).

But, in spite of that, they were sweet and they gave me nice snuggles and they drew me some great pictures today. And, the highlight of my day was watching them sing to me in church. This was Jack's first time singing in front with the primary and it was priceless. Nathan and Jack put their arms around each other as they walked up and got positioned on the stand. And then there was this adorable Sunbeam in a pink polo shirt with a big smile saved just for his mom smiling over the top of the ledge (he stole the show I thought) and the sweet bigger boy who had the look on his face of a boy who wants to sing all the words and impress his mom but at that moment can't seem to remember any of them. And then, when it was all over, they held hands and with huge grins on their faces made their way to me and gave me great big hugs. It's moments like that that I hope I can remember forever.

And, it is moments like that that make motherhood the amazing blessing that it is. Lately I have been thinking about what an amazing gift motherhood is. In heaven before we came here, we were all equals-all spirit children of our Heavenly Father, all progessing in heaven and needing to come to Earth to learn more. And when all is said and done we will all be adults who have been to Earth, learned what we need to and hopefully will live with Him again forever.

In fact, in just a few short years my boys will be grown men who again are my equals, my companions and my friends. But for now they are children. Children who giggle infectiously. Children who pretend to be Superman, space guys, and penguins. Children who smear chocolate all over their faces when they eat a cookie, who love to lick the beaters, who say funny things, who find joy in the simple things, who dance in the kitchen with no inhibition, who dig in the dirt and play with the bugs, and who bring a million moments of joy into my life. And for this short time I get to spend each and every day with them and treasure those small moment and to help shape them into the adults that they will become. And then they will be adults and those childhood moments will be passed (hopefully leaving wonderful memories and wonderful grown men in their wake). How amazing is it that I get to experience their childhood? What an amazing gift childhood is. For all those moments I am so grateful and I try, everyday, to treasure them and to enjoy the childhood that is my gift from a loving Heavenly Father.
Here are some samples of those sweet moments that make it all worthwhile:

This is the sweetest thing ever. Dallen's "Mama Song"

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The Happiest Place on Earth (Picture Overload)

Well, we've done it! We have been to "the happiest place on earth" and our boys have experienced all of the joys of Disneyland-well most of them anyway. Plus, we are now season pass holders so we will be back.

I realize this is way too many pictures but think of the grandmas-they want to see them! So indulge me.

We spent Monday and Tuesday at the parks. It really went as well as could have been hoped for. The boys were wonderfully behaved and had a great time. The one thing I wish had been better were the crowds-they were worse than we had expected.

Here is the obligatory picture in front of the Mickey made entirely of flowers that one simply must take before entering Disneyland:

OK, the pictures will be in no particular order because I can't get them to rearrange, but here we go:

I turned around and caught a glimpse of this and had to get a picture because it cracked me up that Jack had his bag of trail mix hanging right in front of Josh's face!
Here is Josh about to go on the Maliboomer-the freakiest ride there in my opinion. I didn't go on it: Whose cute kid is this? On Small World: N is for Nathan! Outside of California Adventure (California is spelled out in huge letters for those who have never been to Disneyland-ahem-Grandma Price) Jack just hanging out in the O
Dal during one of his two short 1 hour naps in the two days we were there. Poor guy!
Can you tell we ran our kids ragged? Jack laid down to eat his snack on Tuesday:
Take a good look at this because this is what it means to be meek, submissive, patient, humble, willing to submit to all things. This kid is a trooper and then some. He didn't complain even though he spent most of his time waiting while everyone else went on rides, even though he missed his naps, didn't sleep well in the hotel, etc. This kid is the sweetest thing.
Nathan and Josh split off from us for a while and they got to meet Minnie ane Mickey! Josh said it was then that he remembered that Nathan is still a little kid-a little kid who was really excited to meet the characters. He "even likes Minnie-even though she is a girl!"
This was cool! Mater and Lightning in person! Jack stared at them silently for a while and then said quietly-"their eyes are moving-they are real cars!"
In front of the castle!
The boys outside the Haunted Mansion. Josh thinks he looks like an old man in this picture.
Me and Jack on the Bug's Life Bumper cars
Me and Jack on small world! Oh ya, and notice my cool "Bat Mom" shirt. The boys love it!
Nathan the aviator
And last, Dal on the way home. Poor kid fell asleep halfway through his "dinner." He still has a Cheerio in his hand in this picture.
I asked everyone their high points for the trip:

Josh-When we split off and he went with Nathan who decided he was too scared to ride Tower of Terror but got excited to see Mickey and Minnie and Josh got to revel in Nathan's sweet childhood.
Jack-"Screaming on Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. It's my favorite!"
Nathan-Buzz Light Year Ride (I think we rode it like 10 times)
Dallen-Whenever he got let down to roam free instead of being cooped up in the stroller
Me-Listening to Jack sing "It's a Small World" as loudly and sincerely as he could each time we rode that ride

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Our Life in Pictures

Here are some pictures for your looking enjoyment:

Two pirates-from a really cool birthday party that the boys went to. I think it was the coolest party they have ever been to. Picture is courtesy of the pirate party throwing mama Kim. I love the look on Jack's face.

The other day I went upstairs to do a few things and came down to find Jack like this. It was about 4:00 and he hadn't napped that day. It was so sweet!
Nathan came up with this idea one night recently. He had us all color paper plates yellow-get it? Golden plates. Then he said we could hang them by our beds to remember to read our scriptures.
Today I told Josh that I had fallen in love with a new man. And this is him. Not just any man, but a prince. And who wouldn't fall in love with this prince? Today he said to me "mom you are the best girl I have ever met."
Here are the two big guys with their friends Joshua and Damien at the splash park a week or two ago. We love these friends and spend nearly every afternoon with them.