Sunday, September 23, 2007

It's Alive!

I've been told it is time for us to start blogging again because people want to read about our exciting and fun filled life! Well, at least one person does and that's my mom-can't say that anyone else wants to but here it is for whoever wants to read.

This week has been PACKED with fun and such. I will only tell a little of the fun so you don't all feel jealous that you weren't here with us.

Monday was an exciting day-we had an ultrasound and found out that our little baby is another boy. (We are fairly certain that we may never hear an ultrasound tech say the words "looks like it is a girl.") We are excited for our new little baby boy. Shortly after the ultrasound though we got a little bit of bad news-the baby's cord only has two vessels (they normally have three). This can be associated with all kinds of birth defects which isn't good news, but they said that everything else on the ultrasound had measured well which was reassuring. We scheduled a Level 2 ultrasound with a perinatologist at the hospital to get a closer look at the major organs to make sure that everything looks good. We had that on Thursday and they found no problems with any of the body parts (heart, kidneys, stomach) that they could see, so at this point it looks like all is well. We will have one more ultrasound in December to make sure he seems to be growing at a healthy rate.

Nathan started preschool this week and he loved it! He was a little nervous his first day but loved it by his second. The theme this week was sports and they did all sorts of fun activities like singing "Take me out to the ball game," playing sports outside, coloring pictures of various sports equipment, measuring balls and putting them in order from heaviest to lightest, and Nathan's favorite part, they sang a silly song called "Willaby Wallaby Wathan, an elephant sat on Nathan." This coming week I get to teach and both me and Nathan can't wait! This is his preschool helper chart picture.

Fall is sort of starting to arrive in Wisconsin so we have spent some time outside enjoying it. The leaves are starting to change and it has been a little bit cooler than summer weather. We went to a couple of parks and had fun seeing our friends who we hadn't seen for a while because we were on vacation. The best part was that we went apple picking! The boys had fun riding in the wagon at the Eplegaarden and picking apples off the tree and I had fun making apple crisp.

Friday and Saturday I went on a trip with 9 friends to Minneapolis-we went to the temple there, the mall of America and then a conference for women on Saturday. It was fun and checked one more thing off my list of things I want to do while we are still in Madison. While I was gone Nathan planned a "Gentleman's party" for Dad, Nathan and Jack. (This was his name for the party-not mine. I told him he better keep it clean.) They had pizza, rootbeer and popcorn and watched a movie.

OK, that will be all for now but there will be more about our fun and exciting life to come!

A Message from Nathan

Here is what Nathan has to see for our blog today. Definitely makes a lot of sense:

Many years ago we goed to a pumpkin patch, like many years ago it came to the inches. I was little in that young age into the Bible of the Lawrence. When I was little I got a picture of me. But daddy Josh and Nathan and Amber and Jack. Goodbye, see you!