Sunday, September 25, 2005

Last week of summer

Well, summer ended this week in more ways than one. The calendar says it is over but out here in Wisconsin Mother Nature says it is over too. I don't mind too much since I love the fall, but the thought that winter and snow are coming keeps me from getting too excited about the changing seasons. Right now though it is a cool, rainy day-something I love! I wouldn't mind some of this kind of weather for a while as long as we get a few sunny days thrown in there as well.

Since I have known that summer was rapidly coming to a close, we tried to spend the week making the most of it. Monday we had a playgroup to go to. It is a new playgroup with a woman I met at the library and then a bunch of her neighbors. I wanted to join it so that I could expand my circle of friends beyond just the friends I have at church. We have been doing the playgroup for two weeks now and it has been fun! I have already had the opportunity to talk about my religion and beliefs with a few of them as well which was really neat plus they are really nice women and I am always happy to make new friends.

I also had two mothering firsts this week. The first one was taking Nathan to the bathroom in a public place for the first time. He really isn't potty trained yet but he does do his poopies in the potty these days (makes my life much happier to have less dirty diapers to change!) so when we were out one day he announced to me that he needed to go potty. Off we went. I will spare the details but it was quite an experience! The second mothering first may be hard to believe. I took Nathan to the McDonalds play area for the first time this week! He has been with other people but I personally had never taken him. I was always afraid he would crawl up in that big tube and not come out and when I was 9 months pregnant I really didn't want to go in after him. It was tons of fun. Nathan played very happily plus he ate his whole happy meal. Jack slept in his car seat next to me and I was happy-I just wished I had brought a book!

Other things we did this week included going to Barnes and Noble to play at the train tables, our church playgroup at the park, buying Nathan new shoes, a shopping spree to Old Navy where I spent way more than I had planned on things I wasn't even looking for, a rare evening in which we were all home for at least a few hours in the evening, two trips to friend's houses where Nathan played with buddies, a couple of his buddies coming to our house to play, dinner at the Olive Garden and of course plenty of two year old tantrums. :) Life with a two year old and a 4 month old is fun and exhausting. I love it!

Jack just keeps getting bigger and cuter (if that is possible). He is laying by me right now just staring out the window, one of his favorite things to do. Nathan has started saying to him "What's the ploblem kid?" whenever he cries. Don't know where he learned that! :) Nathan also has started saying his own prayers. This morning while I was saying my morning prayer he knelt down by me and said his too-thanking Heavenly Father for dump trucks and bulldozers.

Well, life is good as always and we are looking forward to another week packed full of fun and all sorts of other stuff! :)

Sunday, September 18, 2005

A blog about two cute kids!

Well, I got an email from a friend the other day and at the bottom of it was a link to a blog that she keeps about what is going on in her life as a mother of two kids. It was a lot of fun to read and I realized that this might be a great way for me to record fun things that me, Josh, Nathan and Jack are doing and keep family and friends up to date on our two cute boys easily!

So, here is my blog! Never done a blog before. I plan to try to post here about once a week and record things that we have done during the week, cute things the boys have said or done, and anything else that is going on in our lives. So hold on tight cause me and these boys don't like to sit still and we lead a busy life!

Yesterday was Quarry Quest up in Neenah (where Josh's parents live). Quarry Quest is basically a day full of all of Nathan's wildest dreams coming true right before his very eyes. The big quarry is filled with construction trucks of all kinds and the kids get to see them up close and even ride on them! Nathan got to drive a bulldozer and work the controls on a digger truck (excavator) while an actual worker sat on the seat with him. Nathan had a look on his face that told the world that he was serious about this-he wasn't here just for fun like the other kids, he had work to do! He told us "I need to dig." He had his hands on the steering wheel to drive that bulldozer, worked the arm of the digger truck and then we all got to take a ride in the back of a dump truck (this part included Jack which was a little scary because it was a very bumpy ride and we felt like we might be thrown off). We got pictures of Nathan on the trucks and he got a video of big trucks as a souvenir. It was a ton of fun!

Jack is becoming more and more interactive everyday. He loves to lay on the floor with me face to face and have me tickle him and he giggles and squeals. Nathan is determined that Jack should roll over, so he flips him onto his belly and tells him "turn around." Jack doesn't usually do it yet, but with Nathan as a coach he will probably be doing it soon. Jack just adores Nathan which is good because Nathan won't leave him alone. He is constantly undressing him so he can give him a zerbet or tickling him and pushing him in the baby swing.

Well, we have a busy week ahead with trips to the zoo and parks and all sorts of fun things so I will update again later!