Monday, July 9, 2012

Happy birthday dear Adam!

Adam's birthday passed a few weeks ago and I haven't posted about it. I have a good reason-I wanted to put together the final laundry basket picture with all of the laundry basket shots (one for each month up to a year) and I haven't done it yet.

But I decided to just go ahead and put this post up and I will show you the laundry baskets later.

I love this little dream boat:

Here's an update on this sweetie at 1 year:

  • He hasn't had his Dr. appt. yet so I don't have official measurements, but he's not more than 17 pounds
  • He won't perform tricks on command, so we didn't know he knew a lot of things until just recently. For example, he says about 6 or 7 words but I had no idea until June-mama, dada, book, hi, apple, bottle. One day we were driving down the road (on vacation) and Josh was on the phone. Josh said "bottle" to the person he was talking to and from the backseat Adam started to whine and say "ba ba." I thought 'no way' but sure enough, when I handed him his bottle he was happy. I had no idea he knew that word.
  • Same goes for clapping and waving. He does it. But don't ask him to because he probably won't do it for you. 
  • He started crawling just after 11 months. He gets around pretty great now. And pulls himself to stand sometimes-usually just in the bathtub. A great place to try standing on shaky legs. 
  •  He most definitely thinks his brothers are hilarious!

  • He barfs all the time and it's really gross now.
  • He's happy almost all the time. He is cutting 5 teeth right now and 2 of those are molars. He was fussy for a couple days but otherwise, just a happy guy. 
So, for his first birthday I made his sunshine cupcakes (also because he was born on summer solstice):

He had no issues with digging right in. But he actually didn't get very messy. 

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Spur of the Moment Vacation

Two weeks ago and a Saturday late afternoon, Josh and I decided to plan a family trip. Monday morning, we took off. The spontaneity of it made it even more fun.

We drove up to Drigs, ID and stayed in a wonderful little condo that had a killer deal and was located at the base of the Grand Tetons. It was 2 hours out of Yellowstone and about 45 minutes out of Jackson.

On our way there on Monday we stopped at the Idaho Falls temple and did the visitor's center then went out to dinner.

Tuesday we drove into Yellowstone and spent the day there.

We explored geysers:

Loved the stinky mud pots (because we are after all 80% male in our family):

Got very excited (and had to wear jackets because the high was 53 and it was windy):

Watched Old Faithful twice and even got wet from its spray. And earned Little Scientist badges:

Bought 'coon skin caps and ate ice cream:

 Took naps:

Wednesday we drove to Jackson and hiked around Jenny Lake. I didn't bring my camera because who wants to pack that thing all the way around the lake?

That night we went to a show called the Bar J Wranglers and had a real chuck wagon dinner follow by cowboy music. Josh's dream come true and what I thought might be my own hell on Earth. (Am I allowed to say hell?) Turns out it was actually a pretty great show. My favorite part was "Ragtime Cowboy Joe" because I could just imagine my grandpa singing along.

Before the show me and the boys had a little photo shoot:

Thursday we hung around Driggs and celebrated Adam's birthday with ice cream:

We also hot tubbed about 5 times, threw rocks in the river, played at a park, went out to eat several times and just enjoyed being together. 

And we loved this Bison on top of a building.

Dal wouldn't get out for the care for this shot.