Wednesday, November 28, 2007


I have no pictures to post which always makes me feel like I am not allowed to blog, but it has been a while since I updated, so I thought I should anyway.

We had a great Thanksgiving. Went up to spend it with Josh's parents about 2 hours North of here. It was a really nice weekend with a good combo of relaxing and doing fun things. Dinner was great-especially the cranberry jello stuff I made and the pumpkin cheesecake Josh's mom made. That night we had a Polar Express party which the boys of course loved. We all danced around the house like a train to the Polar Express music and then watched the movie. The boys also got train pjs and trains from grandma and had hot chocolate.

Friday morning me and my insane spouse decided to get up at 3:20 to go shopping. We hit JC Penneys when it opened at 4 hoping to get a Christmas tree but it turned out we didn't even really like the tree when we saw it. We were at Toys R Us by about 4:30 and stood in line there and got in at 5. Got what we wanted and then went out to breakfast. After that we hit a few more stores that were all insane and then came back home. I slept for 2.5 hours after that. Through the course of the weekend we did end up with a Christmas tree and had the shopping for the boys totally done! It was fun even if we were tired.

Saturday we went to paint pottery at a paint it yourself place. We let each of the boys do a project. They loved it. Then we went out to lunch and then went and got our Christmas tree. That was a fun morning.

Now here we are back to normal life. I started potty training Jack this week and I am tired of it already. But I have to stick with it! I don't know if he is really ready-I think he is and I figured I would do it now so that it had time to stick before the baby. I guess we will see what happens.

Baby is growing and making me tired. I always forget how much energy being pregnant can drain from a person. I am getting so excited to meet my third little man. We have a name picked out that we are excited about, just need a middle name now. We have hardly bought anything-don't have too much to get since he is boy #3 but we do have to get him some winter clothes. We need to finish sanding and staining his dresser first so that we have somewhere to put all the stuff though.

Well, that sums up at least some of the last week or so of life. I have to remember to take more pictures!

Monday, November 5, 2007

Jack Sings

I have been trying for a while to get a video on my blog, so here goes another whirl. I have been attempting to catch the boys on video singing mostly for my own benefit because I don't want to forget how cute they sound when they are singing as they grow older. So, here is Jack singing if this works:

Big Halloween Update

It has been a little too long since I wrote and now I have lots to update and lots of pictures! We had a really good Halloween this year. The best part was that my family-mom, dad and brother Scott-decided sort of last minute to drive out from Colorado and visit us. They got here last Monday night (Oct. 29) which was perfect timing for all of our Halloween festivities and made them even more fun.

When they got here we had Family Home Evening complete with pumpkin carving which the boys really loved this year and pumpkin seeds which I burned. Our pumpkins turned out really cute though and the boys had a really fun time! They loved having help from Grandpa and Uncle Scott. And they loved the pumpkin "guts."
Then on Tuesday night we had the trunk or treat at our church which was really fun as always. We have a million little kids at church so it was crowded and fun. The boys loved "trunk or treating" and enjoyed wearing and showing off their costumes. Nathan took Grandma Allen and Grandpa Allen each on a parade around the gym to meet all of his friends. He absolutely insisted that they each had to meet his friends and had a great time showing everyone his grandma and grandpa.
Wednesday night was trick or treating in the neighborhood. I don't think we have had such a warm Halloween in years and years, so it made for good trick or treating. It was still cold, but not bitter cold like it usually is. Jack would not wear his Jack-O-Lantern costume (which I made and spent several hours on) so he wore Nathan's old Elmo costume instead-little stinker! He looked really cute though and the Elmo costume is warm and fuzzy so he didn't have to wear a coat. Our friends, the Dickmans, came over to trick or treat with us and Nathan and Trey and Jack all had a really good time running from door to door. The boys got a ton of candy which I am eagerly helping them eat. Ugh!
Other than that we had a good week with my family-played outside at parks, took them on the bus to Babcock Hall for ice cream, miniature golfed, went out to eat, etc. The boys were in heaven having so many people to play with them.

I also have to include a picture of our Family Home Evening activity from two weeks ago-we made gourd people! We had so much fun! I think they turned out really cute too so I had to take a pic and post it. Nathan's is on the left, then Josh's, then mine, then Jack's. I just love doing fun things like this because the boys get such a kick out of it.

So, all is well here. Today was pretty cold for the first time in a while and I think the cold is probably here to stay. I am not complaining though, I can't believe we got such a nice October-the weather has been great for Wisconsin. Baby boy is getting big-I am now in my third trimester and feeling tired but good. Things are going really well for Josh at work right now and things are looking really good for my business as we start into Christmas shopping season which is great. So, all is well!