Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Kindergarten Grad

I think it's a little funny how kids "graduate" all the time now, not just at the end of high school or college. So here's hoping that these two little best friends still feel the same about each other at high school graduation as they did at the end of kindergarten graduation:

(Dal and his best friend Logan.)

Dallen's teacher did a very cute little graduation ceremony at the end of the school year for his class:

I helped in his class a lot this year so I love to see all those cute little people. Dal's other best friend, Carson, is sitting to the left of him in this picture.

Here's the big guy getting his diploma:

And throwing his cap at the end of the ceremony:

This kid's a ham! He had the best experience in Kindergarten. His teacher, Mrs. Brown, was fantastic and he had a great group of friends in his class. He learned to read really well and so far has spent a lot of the summer buried in a book. Love it!