Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Peer Pressure

Why does peer pressure always get a bad rap? In this case I like it.

First, let me preface this by saying if there is one time in my life when the neighbors might suspect me of being an abusive mother it is when I give haircuts. Oh the wails that come from my little ones. It's like I was ripping off their fingernails one by one. They cry, they scream, they tell me I am a bad mom, that I am hurting them. And then 6 weeks later they are shaggy and we have to do it all again. They usually get too shaggy before we do it because of the screaming.

Yesterday as we were driving home from school Jack said to me "mom-I want a haircut."

"Excuse me-could you repeat that?" I asked.

"I want a hair cut."

OK, sounds great! But I asked for an explanation. It seems the kids at school were "laughing at his hair." (Which truthfully has been sticking out kind of funny this week.) He told me that Eric said to him "you're hair looks kind of cool" and to Jack, apparently, that equaled "being laughed at" and ended in a desire for a haircut. So, a haircut he got and not a word of complaint came from his mouth. Love it.

Now, if someone would PLEASE tease him a little about sucking his thumb...

Monday, January 17, 2011

Shorty Pants

Dal had a birthday-he turned "fee." I love three year olds (it's my favorite age but don't tell my other boys). Dal is the light of my life (well, at least one of them). Being home with just him this year has been such a huge blessing and so much fun.

This kid is flat out lovable. He is fun and he is happy almost all the time. He talks up a storm and I mean it-we have full conversations about everything. He is happy to play with toys at my feet while I get stuff done-he will play for hours just chatting away with me or make believing with his "guys." He wants to be just like his big brothers. There is nothing Dal hates more than to be treated differently from them. Jack is his best friend (at least that's what he tells me. I try to convince him that I am his best friend.) He charms hearts everywhere he goes. It seems that people fall in love with him right away when they meet him. He is SO squeezable. He is getting sick of me squeezing his squeezy legs but they are just so squeezy! He is learning his letters and has started pointing out "D for Dallen" to me everywhere we go. Oh, and 3's "like I am!" Honestly he rarely, at least at this point in life, throws a tantrum or has to have time outs. Right now if he is mad at something he yells "stomach!" and then tells me he said a bad word. He loves to snuggle in bed with me, "get cozy" and read stories. He loves to help me bake. He has short legs. As in, he wears a size 18 months on the bottom-and he's 3. He truly is so much fun to spend my days with. Can you tell that I am head over heels in love?

Dal was SO excited for his Buzz Lightyear birthday party. He told everyone he saw about it-all of my friends, all of his friends, waitresses at the restaurant, checkers and the store, everyone. I hope it lived up to his dreams. It was only an hour long, involved three friends and featured bubble blowing, hot dogs and cheetos, cupcakes and presents. And that was it. Sweet and simple. He was jumping up and down with giddiness the day we sent out his invitations. He was so excited when they said they could come. And then they brought presents. Whoa-what a day!

Here are some pics from the party:

Hugging Van after getting a present:
I love this kid, Dal's buddy Coleson:

The 4 boys:
Excited before the party:
And, the cupcakes:

I love this kid-he's something special. Kind and considerate and loving and wonderful at the sweet age of three.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

There's Something I Haven't Told You...

Josh and I have decided to take on a new way of life for the year 2011-or for this summer specifically.  No more namby pamby summers on the beach or sitting poolside enjoying the San Diego sun and swaying palm trees. The new program is called "Let's See How Much Change/Stress We Can Pack In to One Summer." Sounds fun. Anyone want to join us?

You know you see those lists of things that cause stress in life? Here are the ones we have chosen off that list to throw into our summer:

1. Move out of state. In June (around the 10th probably) we will move to Utah
2. Start a new job. Josh will start as a chemistry professor at BYU around June 15th
3. Buy a new house. Affiliated with above mentioned items.
4. Have a baby. Due July 22nd, but given my history HE (let's not kid ourselves now shall we?) could very likely arrive by early July at the latest.

We'll also throw in three birthdays (not counting the new baby's) and a baptism during the month of June as well just to spice things up a little.

What do you think? Sound like a good plan for summer? :) Oh bye bye my beloved beach and 70 degree days in January.