Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween

From three adorable little dinosaurs:

Saturday, October 24, 2009

What I have spent a million hours doing...

I gave my mom a business for Christmas last year. She makes gorgeous bracelets for babies and kids (and moms although she prefers the little ones). We tried taking pics of her bracelets ourselves and it didn't go so great, so, for her birthday I flew her out here, we made a ton of bracelets and had my amazing photographer friend take pics.

I had to totally and completely redo her site with the new pictures, new bracelets, etc. and it has taken hours and hours and hours. But it is put back together now with only small and minor changes to be made.

Check it out.

Pretty Hippos Bracelets

And thank you Liz. You are a miracle worker.

Winner revisited

Rachel was the big winner of my little blog giveaway! She already received her box in the mail...but the good news is that there are consolation prizes for everyone who entered and they are going out today! But Sarah, I can't for the life of me find where I wrote your address down, so could you just give it to me again?

Thursday, October 22, 2009


It's been a while since I really blogged. And not because I didn't have plenty to say. But after being out of town and having all our visitors, last week was jam packed with teaching Joy School, running an after school art program for 60 kids, teaching about 20 ladies to make Superhero capes (and getting all the supplies ready for both of those activities ahead of time), basic post vacation returning to normalcy such as a million grocery store/Costco trips, unpacking, and getting ready for my dad to come, not to mention the day to day stuff of having 3 kids and a business...

So, after spending a day with sick kids today (day 4 spent with sick kids actually) I locked myself in my room and blogged for a couple of hours. Hence the post count from tonight-a lot.

Thank You Mama!

Every time I do something for Dallen this week he replies with the sweetest words to a mother's ears-"Deedoo Mama" (translation="Thank you mama!") Loving that! I hand him his breakfast in the morning "deedoo mama." I change his diaper "deedoo mama." I give him a snack "deedoo mama." I love this kid.

I Hope I Remember

When years are passed and my boys are big, I hope I remember...

This-the classic Snood grin (Blogger doesn't like square pictures and so it got confused and posted this one sideways):

Adorable Jack smiles:

Those eyes:


And I am sure I won't forget this:

What is Dallen up to?

This is where I find Dallen. All the time. He pulls a chair over-no matter how many times I move him away.

And thus it begins...

I always say that Nathan is a little miniature Josh in every way. But then it struck me that there is a twist of Amber in there. Nathan gets ideas. Big ideas. And he won't let them go!!

Last weekend, Saturday late afternoon, a chilly Saturday afternoon, Nathan declared that he was going to have a Lemonade stand! Our first ever. Oh boy.

I feel like I can never, ever say no to a statement such as that. When I was a child I had a lot of similar ideas. I even put on a rummage sale (involving a card table covered with stuffed animals for sale) once and my mom never said no. And I went from that, to this: My Sweet Dreams Baby

So how can I EVER say no to a Lemonade stand or the like? I didn't. I let him do it, although success was limited on that late Saturday afternoon chilly fall day on our quiet little neighborhood street.

But he sure looks cute doing it!

The Most Wonderful Week of My Life

For a while now I have toyed with the idea of going on a cruise. Josh has never liked the idea. He was certain that he would be killed on board and thrown overboard and never thought of again.

But, since we moved to San Diego and happen to live not far from a Cruise Embarcadero and since we have tons of credit card points that can be used for things like cruises and since, for the first time in a while, I am not pregnant or nursing, we decided now was the best chance we were going to get for a long time.

We left on a Monday afternoon. My grandparents (seasoned cruisers) insisted that we needed to get on the boat as early as possible since "you can start eating right away!" And we did. We got on, found our room, then went upstairs for pizza.

Really the trip was the most relaxing, fun, enjoyable week I have spent since, well, ever! One of my favorite parts was that while we were at dinner each night:

the lovely housekeeper would turn down our bed, leave a mint on our pillow, and make us an adorable towel creature. We took a picture of our towel creature each night:

Ah, I could get used to that! All the pampering and over the top service. Sigh. Anyway, on Tuesday we stayed on the boat for a "Fun Day at Sea." We golfed:

(I was declared champion). We read-a lot. I read 2.5 books in 4 days which was paradies for me:

Josh pondered the deeper meanings of life:

While I soaked up the sun:

(Those last two pictures were jokes, by the way.) We also danced (Josh even let me drag him to the Thriller dance class. You should definitely ask to see his moves sometime.) Oh, and we ate. And then we ate. And then because we had nothing else to do, we ate.

Wednesday was Catalina island:

You can see our ship in the background there. (We had to take little boats into the island.) Catalina was really the highlight for both of us. We kayaked and snorkeled there, two things that neither of us have done before and two things we both loved. I insisted on a pre-snorkeling photo shoot because those outfits were just so fantastic:

There, now that you have seen more of Josh's legs than ever before, on to the rest of the story. Friday was Ensenada, Mexico. My first official time in another country. (I know, lame.) Here is my proof-a Mexican flag growing out of my head:

All we really did there was shop for 2 hours. Then we got back on the boat.

The trip was amazing, it was paradise, I literally loved every minute of it. I can't wait to do it again...someday.

Oooh, and the best part. The whole thing cost us $145 total-for souveniours, the kayaking, and the whole cruise itself. Nice.

Grandparents and Why They Are Wonderful

In the past month my lucky little boys have been visted by all 4 of their grandparents. I can't help but feel like my boys are so amazingly blessed to have 4 wonderful grandparents who really enrich their lives. It really is a special blessing for them.

I thank each of you-mom, dad, Pam and Tracy (spelled that right this time didn't I?) for being the amazing grandparent that you are to my kids. You truly make a difference in their lives in so many ways. My kids are so secure in knowing they are loved and feel so connected to their grandparents even though, for now, we live far away.

First we had Grandma A. come for a birthday visit (her birthday that is). We took her to Disneyland for her big day. Also to La Jolla Cove to see the tide pools.

My boys think Grandma Allen is probably the world's funniest person-which is a little bit odd because she isn't necessarily a comedian, but now that I think about it there are a number of things she has said in her life that our family still laughs at ("oh-you have a variety of colors!" or "I'm having a quandry"). Anyway, my boys love to laugh with Grandma Allen. I think that is the thing they love best about her. Being silly and having fun and giggling. Nathan is always trying to make her laugh.

Then, just two days after Grandma A. left, both Grandma and Grandpa P came to visit, and, incidentally, to watch our boys for 4 days while we went on a cruise! :) Which I can't thank them enough for. We also took them to the Zoo and took Grandma to Sea World.

The boys love to give Grandma P zerbets and they love to play mind games with her like "I Spy" and swap the sounds in the first letters for two words (for example zoo and spoon becomes spoo and zoon). Grandpa P teaches them all about science and how things work, takes them for walks, and sings songs with them at the piano. They love it all! After he left the boys kept telling us things about how their bikes work or why things are the way they are and we knew that Grandpa must have taught them that.

And then, just a few days after they left Grandpa A came to visit (and yes, my parents do still love each other and are still married, their trips were just planned at different times, that is why they didn't come together). This was Grandpa A's first time coming to see us in San Diego and we really had a good time with him.
The boys all went to Coronado beach and we went to the BYU football player's fireside.

Grandpa A spent a lot of time reading or telling stories and singing crazy songs to the boys which they really enjoyed. And being wild. I think Grandpa A has all the other Grandparents beat on ability to rile up three little boys. :) They loved it!

Thank you to 4 wonderful grandparents for loving our boys like you do. You mean the world to us and to them!

On a side note, I found this picture of my dad and Dal. It struck me as funny because they are making the exact same face and their eyes (I know you can't see my dad's as well because they are blocked by his glasses) look just the same color.

The Swine Flu makes its appearance...

The piggy flu has found its way through the doors of our home. No biggie. Jack came down with it Monday with the full run of symptoms-cough, sore throat, aches, fever, tired. By Tuesday he really didn't feel very good. Wednesday when Nathan came home from school he mentioned that he was really tired. Within an hour he had a full blown fever too and about 20 minutes later Dallen had joined the gang with a fever of his own.

Truthfully, I am glad-glad that we have it now. In the past month I have been on 2 trips and we have had 3 different sets of visitors (hence the lack of blogging). This Saturday Uncle Scott comes to visit. So having this sickness nestled nicely into this week with nothing going on is perfect.

When Nathan woke up this morning his fever was gone and he was feeling almost fine. Jack also is fever free and Dal seems mostly ok too. I figured I was getting off pretty easy as we all laid around watching movies but feeling mostly good.

But then, we had a ten minute period when all hell broke loose (am I a bad girl for saying hell?). Dal started to cry and act like he wasn't feeling good. He was sobbing and calling "mama mama" as I was trying to get his diaper changed and get him dressed and then get him some medicine and a blanket and snuggle him.

In the course of doing this (I only got through the diaper changing part) I heard a scream from downstairs. A long and prolonged painful scream. I ran downstairs to find Nathan laying half on the arm of the couch, half on the end table and sobbing and screaming. Apparently Jack kicked him over or something and somehow he managed to scrape his back from shoulder blades to tailbone on the table. And Nathan doesn't deal well with pain.

So, I grabbed him and carried him upstairs (meanwhile Dallen was still laying in his room crying and waiting for me to take care of him). I grabbed Dal and brought him to my bed where I put bandaids up and down Nathan's back, at his request. I then sent him downstairs to watch a movie again-the only thing that calms a sick or in pain Nathan down. (Oh, and Jack was in time out obviously.)

So then I turned my attentions to Dallen. I finished getting him dressed, wiped snot from his face, and gave him some grape Ibuprofen which he apparently hates. I had to force it down with him choking and gagging. I finished that, washed his face in the sink and brought him back to my bed where he promptly barfed. Nathan was still downstairs crying for me to come snuggle him.

Quick bath for a crying Dallen and a new set of clothes, pacifier, blankets and snuggle. I check in with Jack who certainly needs a good talking to and he announces that he has to go potty. I take Dallen downstairs where Nathan is waiting for a snuggle and as soon as I sit down Jack is calling my name needing ahem, assistance in the bathrooming process.

And now we are all watching movies peacefully again. Actually Dallen is playing quietly with trains. But that was quite the 10 minutes.

I am happy to say that I handled it with grace. In some ways I enjoy my kid's sickness this week because it means we have had relaxing time at home with each other and even better, I have really gotten to fulfill my divine roll as nurturer this week. And it feels good. It is sad to see your kids sick but it feels good to be able to take care of them, snuggle them and show them just how much you love them.

And hopefully everyone will be healthy before all the Halloween fun begins.

Monday, October 19, 2009

And the winner is...

I'm not telling yet! :) I did do the drawing though. But since I want to keep this a suprise could all 4 of you who entered email me your address? (Of course I should know my own sister in law's address, and I do, but this would be easier than looking it up.) :) Then I will have it saved on my computer.

And Sarah-I have yours on the box that we got in the mail today I think! You ROCK! Wow. My boys were so excited. In fact, I just finished cleaning up pieces of confetti and remnants of the Halloween Box of Fun from the floor and was suprised to see quite a number of empty candy wrappers among the leavings. Hmm, apparently they got into more than I realized. Thank you so much!!! That was so incredible to get in the mail.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Happy Halloween...Giveaway!

Today I was declared the lucky winner of my cousin's blog giveaway (see post below in which I posted the winning entry! yeehaw!).

Anyway, she got the idea to do a giveaway from a friend of hers and I am loving the idea. I love Halloween stuff and I love crafting and I don't do it enough and Josh thinks I am nuts to do this because I have a to do list that is longer than I could possibly manage to do in like 3 months, but I am going to do this anyway. :)

So, you my friends, could be the lucky winner of a bag of Halloween fun! I would LOVE to take a picture of it, but since I haven't created it yet I can't. I know what I want to put in it though and it will be cool-oh so cool! (To me anyway.)

I think what I will do is post a picture of it before I give it away and before announcing the winner so that I can show it off but the winner is suprised by it showing up at their door (either in my hands or in a box that was mailed-depending on where the winner lives).

I have been trying to figure out what I wanted to make people do in order to enter. I want it to be simple enough that lots of you will do it but still fun! So, all I am asking is for you to answer a series of questions and post them on your blog along with a Halloween picture of any sort, then comment on my blog to tell me you did it and be officially entered! I am just going to do a random pick from my entries to select the winner!

I really hope lots of you will do this. I am asking these questions mostly because I think it is fun to learn this sort of stuff about people.

1. What is your all time best Halloween costume?
2. What is your favorite Halloween tradition?
3. What is your favorite Fall tradition?
4. What is your favorite book?
5. Name 3 great things that happened to you today
6. What is your all time favorite dessert?
7. Tell me something you look forward to doing in the next month.
8. Tell me something you are going to give someone else for Christmas (I need ideas!)

That's it folks! Please do this! It will be fun.

Here are my answers:

1. What is your all time best Halloween costume? Hmm, the one that comes to mind is the purple dinosaur that my mom made me when I was about 9.

2. What is your favorite Halloween tradition? Baking pumpkin shaped cookies and frosting them and decorating with M & M's. First as a child and now with my own children.

3. What is your favorite Fall tradition? Baking. Way too much baking. Fall weather (albeit San Diego fall weather right now) makes me want to bake-cookies, cinnamon rolls, donuts, etc. Starts a string of bad habits that carries through the new year. Not good.

4. What is your favorite book? I think Jane Eyre but it is hard to decide.

5. Name 3 great things that happened to you today Someone showed up at my doorstep with mint chocolate brownies tonight, I read lots of stories with my boys (and I do mean lots), and I listened to some of Harry Potter 7 in CD.

6. What is your all time favorite dessert? I think Cookie Dough Eggrolls, but again, it is hard to decide.

7. Tell me something you look forward to doing in the next month. Lots of sewing-for Christmas and Halloween costumes. I haven't sewn much in a long time and it feels good to be doing it again.

8. Tell me something you are going to give someone else for Christmas (I need ideas!) Hmm, well now that I try to answer this I realize I can't really because most of the people I am giving things to read my blog. But I guess I can say that I am giving my neighbor a Flirty Apron. I already have it. :)

Saturday, October 10, 2009

In the past 16 days...

In the past 16 days I have...

Been to Disneyland
Been to the World Famous San Diego Zoo
Been to Sea World
Been on a Cruise
Been Kayaking and Snorkeling
Been to Mexico

I know. My life is hard.

Halloween Costumes

My cousin is doing a giveaway on her blog so I figured what the heck, might as well post a few pics for her.

So, here is what I think is one of the most clever costumes we have ever done:

Get it? That's the Box! Plus, is he not just adorable. I want to just kiss and squeeze those cheeks!

OK, now for a full family shot. I gotta say both my costume and Josh's are pretty great in this one. It would be better if Josh had his hood on and wasn't standing in front of a picture of the first vision, but anyway. Oh, and I painted his face:

And then the costume that I put the most work into. When Nathan announced he wanted to be Larry Boy for Halloween I said "are you kidding me?" But I pulled it off:

And just in case you don't know who Larry Boy is, this is him:

ps-I LOVE Halloween too!