Sunday, July 27, 2014

Fun Times, Family & Friends

Last week we took our annual family summer trip-this year to Jackson Hole, Wyoming area-and this year we took friends with us! It was perfect. Lots of fun-hiking, eating, playing games, relaxing, and other great activities.

We headed up to Victor, ID (which is about 25 minutes outside of Jackson) on Thursday. On our way we stopped in Lava Hot Springs to swim in the big waterpark there and then stopped at Pizza Pie Cafe in Pocatello, so we didn't get into our condo until late that night.

We stayed in Idaho for about 5 days.

Friday we hiked around Jenny Lake. It's really beautiful. And big. Seven miles didn't seem like that much when we started out. It was. We reached a point when we realized that the kids weren't going to make it all the way, so we sent the women and Jonah-our friends 12 year old-ahead to get the cars and come back for everyone. It was a long hike and we were exhausted when it was done, but it was still a great experience.

Here we are at the waterfall that we hiked to early on in the journey:

See if you can guess one of the reasons we fit so well with these friends:

That's a lot of boys. No girls anywhere to be seen. (Well other than us moms of course.)

Most of the pictures from this trip are from that hike.

More of the boys (guess the moms should get in the shot sometime):

Here's some pictures of our picnic lunch pre-hike:

During the hike. Someone's a weirdo... and someone's grumpy I guess:

After hiking Friday we went to dinner at a fun sports bar in Jackson. After we finished eating we were surprised when the TVs on the wall got really loud all of a sudden and the food network came on and it was featuring that very restaurant! (It was called Sidewinders Grill.) There was a big party, the owner was there and everyone was cheering as we all watched Food Network feature this restaurant. It was a lot of fun to be caught in the middle of that. One of the highlights of the trip really.

On Saturday we rode the alpine slide but I didn't get any pictures and we went to a local candy store.

Sunday we just drove through Teton National Park and Yellowstone a little. Such a pretty area. And we saw moose and bison.

Monday we went swimming at the Grand Targhee resort in Driggs. That was fun. The pool is just steps away from a ski lift. It was an unusual setting for a swimming pool-which made it even more fun.

That night we went to the Bar J Wranglers show-a Western show with a chuck wagon dinner before it and the lots of cowboy singing. The kids loved it...until they fell asleep. Here's just a few pictures from before the show:

Here's our friends the Thurmans: (dang-someone took a nice picture of them!)

We didn't get a good picture of us at that point because we had grumpy kids who were being disciplined.

Tuesday we drove home. In the middle of all of this fun we had movie nights and game nights and lots of treats and laughing and fun-both from the kids and the adults. So much fun!