Sunday, October 21, 2007

Pumpkin Patch

Yesterday was a perfect fall day in the midwest. It doesnt' get any better than that-70 degrees, clear blue sky and the leaves are at their peak of changing. It was perfect. We took the chance to go to a pumpkin patch-one of our absolute favorite things to do as a family. Grandma and Grandpa Price came down to visit for the day and go along with us.

The pumpkin patch we went to had a corn maze, tractor/ hayride to a pumpkin picking area, a huge slide to go down, a barn to play in, karmel korn to buy and all sorts of great stuff. We had a good time. The boys each picked out a pumpkin. Poor Jack-we kept trying to help him pick a good carving one but all he wanted was to find a cute little one that he could easily carry himself, so in the end he chose a small one and Josh and Nathan picked two big ones to carry. Nathan led us through the corn maze and got us out pretty quickly-he was a good leader.

After the pumpkin patch we came home and made homemade doughnuts-yum! We also had a "harvest feast" to go to last night and at a friend's house.
Friday night we had a dip party inspired by several people mentioning that they had dip parties recently. It was fun-4 couples and some kids came over and each brought a dip and something to dip in it. We had a lot of fun and a lot of good food!!
I also have to include a picture of Jack when we went to the same pumpkin patch for playgroup about a week and a half ago-it was SO cold that day so he is all bundled up and I just think he looks so cute!

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Sad, sad news and sunny southern Cal.

Well, it was a sad, sad day in the Price family. Today we tried to go to our pumpkin patch that we have gone to every year since coming to Madison. Each year we take pictures in the same spot so that we have comparison pics from year to year. It has been such a fun tradition. We drove there this morning and there is no pumpkin patch this year! (It is just on a really small family farm.) We were so sad! So no pictures at our pumpkin patch from us this year. :(

But, we did go take family pictures at a park that turned out good-I am not going to post them here though because they are for our Christmas card. Then we went to the Fire Station Open House in the next city over. That was so neat! The boys got to "drive" fire trucks, spray a fire house, and see a helicopter land. They also were giving out free hotdogs, pop, popcorn, fireman hats, balloons, etc. So they boys were happy even though we didn't get to our pumpkin patch. Nathan and daddy also went on a "daddy date" today-they went bowling and to McDonald's to get ice cream. Josh even got in the play area and played he said!

I have to post the picture Nathan drew of our family today. Apparently he is impressed by my belly growth with this pregnancy. He said to me "you're the fat one." Nice! I loved it really-cracked me up! I don't think I am really THAT huge. Here is a pic of me today that Nathan actually took with the camera too! Definitely a growing belly! We are excited too because we have a name for him-but it's a secret! :)

The last big information for now is that we found out about a week ago that we are officially going to be in San Diego for the next two years-after Josh graduates this summer. He will finish up sometime in June/July probably and then we will head to San Diego for him to do a 2 year post doc at Scripps Research Institute. We are excited for the nice weather but will be SO sad to leave Madison.

We did lots of other fun things lately but I will post more about them later. I need to put some pics of Jack on here too! I will do that this week!