Sunday, May 26, 2013


A week ago right now I was in a hotel room in the middle of Manhattan all by myself and I was nervous. Well, I was actually asleep at this point, but if I had been awake I would have been nervous.

My blog (not this one, the Crazy Little Projects one) actually sent me on a trip to NYC. Well, not my blog, but a company I work with through my blog. Amazing! I never dreamed blogging would take me there, especially not this early on in my blogging career. I was so excited but also a little nervous.

I was nervous to navigate the streets of Manhattan entirely alone, a little worried about safety and pretty worried about the trade show event that I was attending for my blog. It wasn't a blogging event and I knew that I would be a little bit out of my element and I was a little worried about it.

A week later I can say that I had success in all areas. The trip was fantastic, I navigated Manhattan easily and the blogging event went great!

Here are some details from my trip, mostly because I want to remember them. It really was a great trip. And also a few lessons I learned.

Lesson #1: Lane lines are completely optional in NYC. I had heard that driving in Manhattan was nutty and that taxi drivers are the worst. This trip gave new meaning to the line in Elf about watching out for the yellow ones, they don't stop. That's serious. My ride from the airport to my hotel was astonishing. The guy driving couldn't have been a worse driver. I'm talking skipping past long lines of cars waiting to pay tolls and forcing his way in at the front of the line, coming inches from running pedestrians down and the likes. Welcome to NYC.

I had hoped to go to Central Park and wander around that evening but it was very rainy and very cold. So I got dinner and then went to my hotel. People watching from the diner on a corner was a nice intro to NYC though:

Monday I headed to the trade show. It was pretty great except that the part that I was really there for was much, much smaller than I expected. I made some great contacts and did what I came to do, but I am not going to go into details about all of that. Just know that it went well and it was good to push myself a little and make the good contacts there. 

Later that evening I began to wander NYC a little. 

Lesson #2: I am not good at recognizing major landmarks in NYC. 

As I left the convention center and walked to the subway station I saw a neat building up ahead. So neat that I took a picture.

And thought to myself 'that's a big building. I wonder what building that is.' 

Fast forward 2 days when I was about to leave NYC I decided I needed to take a quick trip to see the Empire State Building before leaving town. And as I walked up to where it stands....I realized I had seen it two days earlier. And not realized it. Smart, smart girl. 

Anyway, back to my first day. I took my first subway ride:

And then did some walking to see the Statue of Liberty:

And the World Trade Center Memorial. This is a pond that is where the South tower used to stand. They also have one where the North tower stood:

And all around the ponds they have the names of everyone who died. These are first response fire fighters.


 I also hit the Shake Shack that day because it had been recommended by so many people. It was pretty great. 

After day 1 I was no longer nervous about negotiating NYC streets. That part was easy. 

The next day I had time to hit the Manhattan LDS temple. I had heard people say this, but I was floored by this temple. You are walking down the busy, crowded streets of Manhattan and out of the blue, there's the temple. You wouldn't even recognize it if I didn't have Angel Moroni on top. 

And then to walk through the doors. The contrast from that busy, noisy, dirty, crowded city to the peace and quiet of that temple is so powerful. Such a strong symbolism in leaving the world behind. The temple itself is so tiny and quiet. When I left that session and walked back out into Manhattan it was almost like walking into a wall, I was that taken aback by the contrast. (And by the way, this was just about a 5 minute walk from my hotel. Loved that!)


I also hit Time's Square and got a great price on a ticket to Cinderella!  

Cinderella was AMAZING!!! LOVED it! My favorite part were the mind blowing moments when Cinderella's dress changes as she spins in a circle on stage. This was the #1 highlight of my trip. 

Other highlights:

On the roof if my hotel I discovered a beautiful sitting area. I laid on a lounge chair out there and read for about an hour 1 evening and watched the sun set. It was gorgeous. This was probably my next favorite part of my trip. 

Here are some views from up there. This is looking South over Manhattan: 


And this is looking West over the Hudson as the sun set.

And here it is a night fall:

I ate lunch in Central park one day and walked around a little. But I admit that it was very hot and very humid that day and I was just worn out and happy to go back to my hotel room.

This is the entrance to Central park about 1 block from my hotel.

 And last I've got to show you my crazy hotel room. I found the cheapest one available in Manhattan and it was still $300 a night. So when I walked in to this I was floored. It was about 10 feet square and that was it. And there was just a window and a sheer curtain dividing the bathroom shower from the bed. Glad I wasn't sharing this room with anyone!

 Anyway, it was a fantastic trip, I learned a lot, grew as a person and had a ball! But I was SO happy to come home. And my boys were so sweet saying things like "I really missed you while you were gone!"