Sunday, November 13, 2005

Mini Family Vacation

This has been a very fun weekend for our little family! On Friday night we went to Wisconsin Dells and spent the night at the Wilderness Lodge. It is a big hotel that includes two big indoor waterparks that are free for guests.

We got to the Dells about 4:30 or so Friday afternoon and got checked in and went right to the pools. They are very family oriented pools with a large area in both water parks where the pools are only about 6 inches deep and have slides and toys for kids. Nathan was in heaven just playing and squirting us and having fun. We took him down a few of the big slides but he said they were too scary. So, we swam for about an hour and a half (Jack was included in this-he loves the water and was happy the entire hour and a half) and then we went out for dinner at a pizza buffet. After dinner we came back and swam in the other waterpark pools until about 9:30 (this time Jack just slept on the side while me and Josh took turns in the pool with Nathan).

In our hotel room after all the swimming we all got settled into bed (we were exhausted from all of our swimming). Nathan was sleeping on a queen size bed alone and I was worried he would fall off but Josh assured me that he would be fine. Within 5 minutes of going to bed I heard a thump and sure enough, little Nathan was on the floor. So I made him a nice bed out of couch cushions on the floor and he slept fine. :)

We got up in the morning, had breakfast and were to the pools by about 9:15 and swam and swam and swam until about 2:00. By that time Nathan did not want to leave but was having a major crisis because he was hungry and tired. He had played most of the day in the wave pool and didn't ever want to get out. He wasn't interested in slides or any of the toys, he just wanted to play in the wave pool. Nathan was so sad to leave our vacation he said but we assured him we will do it again sometime. It was a ton of fun! Just Nathan's excitement when we got to the hotel, before we ever started swimming or anything was enough to make it all worthwhile. It was a great time for our family! (Most of our pictures didn't come out very well except one of Jack which I will post here. There is a pic that didn't turn out of Jack going to down a waterslide with mom though. Brave baby!)

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