Friday, February 22, 2008


Here is a video of Nathan and Jack singing I am a Child of God. One night for family home evening we were singing it and it was just so sweet to hear their voices singing it that I had to get it on video.

Well, we are adjusting well to having three kids. I am suprised at how much work it is-I feel so busy these days but I am getting the hang of it. I feel like such a spectacle in the world though. We were walking through the mall this week with me carrying Dallen in his carseat (because I forgot part of the stroller and couldn't use it) with two more boys trailing behind me and I realized that we really did stand out among the people-me and my gaggle of boys. Oh well, I don't mind being a spectacle!

Dallen started smiling about 2 weeks ago. We have had a hard time getting it on camera but finally got a pretty good one.

My dad came to visit us last week and we had tons of fun! Actually we surprised him with the airline tickets and the idea was that he would come and help bless Dallen. Turns out church got canceled because of snow so we didn't get to bless him but it was still fun to have Grandpa visit. We even took a trip to the Mustard Museum and the Chocolate House while he was here.

Dallen is finally starting to learn to sleep and we are so glad! He has been tougher than our other babies (maybe why having 3 seems so hard). But I think we have turned a corner and he is going to be a better sleeper-I hope! Oh, he has also lost all his hair on top but I can see new fuzz growing in.

The big brothers are still just loving Dallen-Jack still can't see Dallen without commenting on how cute he is! It is fun. Nathan is still loving preschool and Jack is excited because he is going to start a soccer class.
We are 100% sick of Wisconsin winters. We have had the most snow ever recorded in WI and it is only February! Not to mention the days that are 40 below 0 with the windchill! Ugh!

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