Sunday, May 4, 2008

Dallen squeals

Dallen does this funny fake laugh followed by a squeal all the time. I can't get the kid to giggle for me yet (he is close to 4 months-come on kid!) but he does this funny sound or "talks" to us all the time. He also likes to "sing" along when we sing songs with the big boys before bed. I wanted to capture it on videa and he did a pretty good job performing:

He is a such a cute and fun kid. He is most content when we just lay him on his blanket and let him kick and play. He loves it when his brothers come to talk to him and play with him-even Jack! It took him a little while to warm up to Jack but now he smiles for Jack all the time. He is not, however, a good sleeper. He does well during naptimes but he is not doing so hot at night. So, we are teaching him this week. :) Give us a week or two and hopefully we will report that he is sleeping through the night. It just makes for a miserable few nights trying to teach him.

As for the rest of us, Josh is still plugging away at his thesis which Iam still loving. He is home SO much more often and I am getting completely spoiled. My brother Jason is coming back through Madison again this week and we can't wait to see him (aka Uncle Coco). Well, him and his Wii that he will have with him. :) You can guess what we will be doing in the evenings this week.

Spring is still struggling to get to Madison and I am sick of it! Enough with the cold weather and rain. San Diego here I come!

Our best friends are moving away at the end of May and we are sort of devastated over it. Nathan is best friends with Trey and I think it is going to break his heart to have Trey gone. I hope he will be ok but it makes me so sad for him. Here is a picture of Nathan and Trey sitting on their bikes holding hands and talking the other day:

I just thought it was funny that they were holding hands while they talked. The two are inseperable. And Jack sort of worships Trey too. They have a boy Jack's age, Justin, as well so it is really fun for us. And quite frankly I am none too thrilled that Trey's mom Nanci is leaving either. We do things with them basically everyday so it is going to be a hard change for us. Lucky for us they are moving to San Francisco so we will at least be in the same state and get to see them once in a while!
Well, since I got um, basically no sleep last night I guess I will go to bed.


  1. Awwww! That was one moment that I cherished the most when my kids were that young. I cannot believe how BUG he is getting!