Thursday, June 12, 2008

Jack's Birthday

I was supposed to post about Jack's birthday awhile ago but I am just now getting around to it. Jack's birthday party was CRAZY! It was supposed to be at a park and just be totally casual. I was providing a simple lunch (pb&j, chips, drink) and cake and other than that we were just going to play on the playground and hang out. I even had a backup rain plan-the park had a shelter and I figured we could at least just eat lunch under there. But, the morning of the party it was raining AND thundering and I didn't feel like we could go to the park if there was lightning. SO, I had no other choice really but to have it at our house.

Now that would have been fine, but I sort of invited a lot of people since we were just doing it at the park. So, in the end we had 30 kids in my house plus 12 or so moms! It was crazy! I can't believe actually that it went as well as it did with that many people in my house. No awful messes or anything. Jack's cake turned out pretty great. I stole the idea from a friend in Utah. It was a hit-especially with Jack which is what really counts.

Other than that, we are starting to get ready to move. I am trying to get packed what I can now but that is hard since we still have 6 weeks of living to do before we move.

This week we are up in Neenah with Josh's parents just visiting for the week. Trying to get in as much time here as possible since we are moving away so soon. The boys are having a blast just being at Grandma's house. We have been to several parks and this afternoon we are going to see the Horton movie.
I have to include these to pictures. The one of Nathan is funny because he said to me "Mom, want to see if I look really good doing something?" And then put his hand on his hip like that and asked me if I thought he looked good enough for a picture. Then he walked around the house like that (hand on hip) for several days! And then the picture of Dallen sporting is adorable church clothes. Do I have a cute baby or what?


  1. Dallen is so cute! I can't wait to meet him. I think James will be more excited to see Jack and Nathan now. He loves big kids, he just follows them around.

  2. Dallen is soooo cute!! I wish I could meet your boys! I can't belive you have THREE of them!!