Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween Happenings

It is with sadness that I bid October farewell. It's my favorite month of the year, though things have been so hectic and crazy with all my big ideas for fun that it will be a bit of a relief to move on to November...until the holiday stuff starts!

Here are some highlights from our October:

First, the costumes. We had a knight. The helmet (in the second picture) was not originally a part of the costume. This is a leftover costume from years ago but Jack insisted on wearing:
A Wizard:
And a Doggie:

Oh, and I was a witch. My dream is to find a really flouncy black petti skirt to wear with this costume someday:

We went to the Ward Trunk or Treat at the church last week and took some of the boys' friends from school, Amanda (the Leafy Sea Dragon below-bet you have never seen anyone dress up as that before!) and Andrew (Darth Sidius) and their parents.
The obligatory pumpkin carving which creates memories, messes and rotten pumpkins 2 days later:
Big bummer to have Halloween on Sunday this year, but I think we successfully made up for it with plenty of other fun. We hosted a Halloween Bash Saturday night before Halloween as a consolation for not getting to trick or treat. It was a blast and I think we will make it a yearly tradition:
Pin the nose on the pumpkin, Halloween bingo, bean bag toss, pinata (homemade by us), donuts on a string:
(That's my buddy Nithilan from Jack's class at school I love him. He figured out my name (you know, other than Mrs. P or Jack's mom) and now always yells "Hi Ambah!" every time I see him.)
and the best part, homemade rootbeer (or crazy potion full of acid, toxic sludge and radio active powder, topped off my Pluto rocks made by one mad scientist):
It was amazing, fun and the kid's LOVED it!
Tonight we played Trick or Treat Trivia-the boys answered questions and got candy. Then we played a scavenger hunt game in our house. Fun, fun, fun! The boys were busting with excitement and happiness.
Happy Halloween!


  1. Looks like you had a GREAT party!!! Yay!

  2. What fun costumes. Party looks pretty awesome too- what a fabulous mom those cute boys got!!

  3. Man I miss the fun that always surrounds the Price Family! Woo hoo for Halloween!

  4. Love all the costumes! Looking forward to Halloween next year...:)

  5. Awesome costumes! I bet you made them all, didn't you? Do you remember my reserved father making the rootbeer potion at our family Halloween parties? He would cackle like an evil maniac.

  6. I love the costumes! Wish we could have been there for the fun. . .Kids and Halloween can't be beat!

  7. So much fun! You should just make yourself a big circle skirt from taffeta or something and then wear an actual petticoat underneath it. That's what my friend does.

  8. So fun! I especially love the picture of the potion with Nathan in the back "commanding" the smoke. So hilarious! Too bad we never got the see the doggie awake with the ears on. :)

  9. I just have to say that I'm feeling much better about my own infrequent posting now that you've stopped posting so often. Welcome to the club. :)

  10. cute costumes!! I especially like yours. I keep telling myself I need to buy a costume for me but when it actually comes to doing it i chicken out. Maybe next year!?!?! :)
    so we got your christmas card is adorable. Your pictures are nice, you should teach me something about photography. :)