Sunday, March 13, 2011

Batter Up!

We started Little League for the first time this spring (yes, well in San Diego, where it is always spring, I mean spring in the sense that February is when practices started). Nathan is playing CAPS (machine pitch) and Jack is trying his had at T-Ball.

What seemed like a good idea when we signed up started to worry us last week when their very first games were much longer than we anticipated. I mean, they were loooong. And they each have 17 games. Oh wow. I wonder how we will be feeling about Little League when June rolls around and we are just finally finishing up games.

But, they seem like they are having a good time, Nathan in particular, which surprised me because I sort of felt like we were feeding him to the wolves starting him this late with a bunch of boys who have been playing for years and who have dads who are a bit obsessed. So I am glad he is enjoying it.

Nathan plays for the Angels. A friend got a picture of him at his very first "at bat" experience, but he hasn't sent it to me, so I will have to add it to the blog when he does. Yesterday, in Nathan's second game he got his very first hit! I feel so proud of him and I wasn't even there to see it! That machine pitched ball can be quite intimidating so I am thrilled that he managed to connect with it. This is the only picture I have of him so far: (someone else took this-he just happens to be in it)

And now I have another picture: His very first at bat attempt:

Jack plays for the Diamondbacks. The thing about Jack is, no matter what he is doing or how he is playing, he thinks he is awesome. Glad he has some confidence in himself. :)

His favorite thing to do when playing in the field is to avoid the ball. He hopes it won't come to him at all.

He likes hitting the ball and running the bases though. (ps-I didn't take any of these pictures-other moms on the team did and shared them)


  1. Jack and I like to play to field the same way! :)

  2. At least Jack looks like he was paying attention to the game. I've seen soooo many little T-ball players sitting on the ground examining the grass or turned the wrong way watching the birds. Maybe he's making sure no balls are coming his way :)

  3. So fun! I love the picture of Jack in the field. He's got a great baseball player expression. Very serious. And way to go Nathan for getting his first hit! Glad their having fun. See you tomorrow! I guess I'll have to wait until June to see these cute guys!

  4. Nathan is already better than I was at baseball I never got a hit. When you move here me and Tims will get them playing hockey.