Saturday, March 19, 2011

This is the Place

When Brigham Young and the first group of saints marched into the Salt Lake valley and he informed them that this was the right place, I think some of them questioned him. Really? You want us to live here? Are you sure?

I am with those early saints right now. We're moving to Utah-I spent the last few days there and I admit I just kept thinking-really? This is the place? I am going to live here? It's going to take some adjusting after beautiful San Diego.

But, this helps:

 I really, really, really like my new house. (Or soon to be my new house. It's under contract.)

This kitchen was definitely one of the biggest draws:
The rest of Utah may take some getting used to (other than a few great things like being close to family and friends and Cafe Rio). But I trust the Lord has a plan for us just like he did for the early saints and for some reason this is the right place for us. So be it. We move in early June.


  1. I was thinking about living in Utah today, and realizing the only real draw for me is being closer to family and friends. But that is enough to make me wish we were moving back there soon.

  2. AMAZING kitchen! So happy for you! Now if only you had that house at that price in San Diego. :)

  3. The house is beautiful! I can't wait to visit you in person some day!

  4. I totally get how you feel about moving to Utah. I went through the SAME thoughts about the pioneers and our situation! I'm sure it will be a great move for you and your family, as it has been for ours :)