Wednesday, September 28, 2011

3 month old and a Preschooler

I am a lucky mom because I get to spend my days with very cute short people. And I love it. I really really do. Who wouldn't want to spend their days with this:
 The big news is that that's Dal's first day of Preschool picture. I wasn't planning on having him in preschool this year. I have always sort of thought that I should enjoy every moment with them while they are young because soon enough they are wisked off to school all day every day.

But after 6 weeks of big brothers being in school it was becoming very apparent that Dal was flat out bored spending his days with me every single day. We already did a full year of that last year and I just felt like he was needing more interaction with other kids. So, when 4 of the moms in the ward asked me to join their preschool it didn't take me too long to say yes.

I admit, my heart was sad when I dropped him off for his first day. But, it's only 4 hours a week total and after today (day 2 for him) it's obvious that he loves it. He has been singing songs from it ever since I picked him up. And I get a chance to have time to myself (well sort of, Adam's there too) so I am refreshed and a better mom. So far, so good.

As for Adam, he is 3 months! Well, he hit that last week, this post is just a little late. He is such a sweetie pie. I especially say that this week because in the last week or two he has started to consistently sleep 5-7 hours at night. That is a big jump because before that he was only doing about 3.5. Happy mama.

He started laughing last week but the little stink won't do it for me this week. But he smiles and coos all the time.

He loves to sleep with a blanket right up by his face. If he is in the car seat or swing I will give him his pacifier and then hand him a blanket which he will hold with both hands right over his face. It's very sweet.

I think he's probably about 11 and a half pounds or so, but that's just a guess. Not bad for a preemie. If he was only 2 months like he should be, that would be a pretty good size. As you can see in the pictures, he's getting fat. :) He is right in between 0-3 month and 3-6 month clothes right now.

He is sweet and rarely cries-only if he needs something and if he is getting his diaper changed. Not a fan of that. He doesn't really dig the bath either, but at least he doesn't cry in it anymore. (Ahem, that is when we get around to bathing him. Let's just say that as a 4th child he probably gets a bath about 1/4 of the amount of times Nathan did.)

Time hasn't flown too fast with Adam which I am appreciating. I feel like I have taken the opportunity to enjoy him the most of all my babies. Not that I didn't enjoy them all-I have had all easy babies and have loved having newborns every time, I have just tried to enjoy every moment even more this time. I am so in love with him. So is the whole family.

And here are the comparison pics for 3 months:
This was 1 month:
2 months:

3 months. I am kind of mad at myself for not getting a better picture at 3 months. I didn't realize there was a glare on them till I uploaded them and now I don't want to redo them because he is a week past 3 months. Oh well.

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