Monday, October 24, 2011


I have always liked doing projects...just ask my mom, she can attest to that. (It may have been the bane of her existence when I was a child.)

Something about having a new home has really unleashed a beast in me. Poor Josh. But I am loving it.

And then, add to that my new addiction to Pinterest (a site that gives me LOTS of ideas of things to create). I may or may not be totally obsessed. 

I have promised pictures of some of my projects to a few people so, here they are:

Dal had a boring old dresser that didn't really add much flair to his room. So, I spiced it up. This is my first refinishing project, and it may have unleashed a new beast.

Here is the before:
And after. As you can see, I need to add some paint between the orange and green drawers. Didn't realize that part needed to be covered.
Also for Dal's room: I built this from crates on Joann's
A couple of Halloween decorations: Did this one on a whim after seeing something similar in a store. Mine is cuter than the store's. :)
This idea just came straight out of my brain:

A cute candy corn dress I made for a friend who just had a baby girl.

And the rock wall we built in our front yard:


  1. Cute cute cute! You have been so busy! I am especially impressed with the witch boots. Although I like to do craft projects, my ideas are NEVER original!

  2. wow! way to go - you have done a lot! :)

  3. Holy cow girl, you are on a ROLL!!! I LOOOVE the colors of the things you've done for Dal's room!

  4. Hi Amber,
    It is fun to see your family.
    What kind of paint did you use to refinish the dreser? It looks awesome!