Sunday, November 6, 2011

Halloween at our House

Happy Halloween...a week ago. It's been a busy week. OK, every week is a busy week, but anyway, getting my Halloween pictures up now. 

After we bought our pumpkins and brought them home, Adam happened to be wearing cute overalls and an orange shirt and I thought it would be a great idea to try snapping some pictures of him with pumpkins. He was less enthusiastic. 

First of all, it was so bright outside for his little eyes, he could hardly keep them open:
 Doing a little better:
Still trying for a smile without success:
Now we are falling:
Maybe from the back would be better? I don't think so mom:
OK, enough is enough!!!
Now, on to the big events. For Halloween this year we had a Ninja (from the newest obsession in our house, Lego Ninjago):
A Cougar football player-JJ Di Luigi (I even embroidered Di Luigi's name on the back and it is the correct number-10):
And this little monkey was going to be another BYU football player, Rylie Nelson. Wait, let me back that up. He thought he wanted to be Jake Heaps and we told him no, you definitely don't want to be Jake Heaps. You Cougar fans will understand that. So Rylie Nelson it was. Until the Halloween events started and then he wanted nothing to do with that costume. Instead, throughout our Halloween events he was an astronaut (no picture), a Jedi:
and on the big day, he was Dash. Dash is what I wanted him to be originally and he refused. Until Halloween morning when he put on his super suit (which I made him a few months ago) and the asked for his mask. No mask had been made since that was not what he was going to be. Luckily I was able to whip up a mask in about 3 minutes and he wore it ALL day even though he could barely see out. So cute! (We have a large collection of costumes-that's why he had so many options):
And Adam? He was the football. :)
Oh, and the only, ONLY, adult who dressed up for the church Halloween breakfast?
Oh Josh thought that was so funny. That's cool. I am ok being the only fun adult in the place. :) And that's not really a subtle costume either.


  1. I've been waiting for this post -- and it did not disappoint! The boys look darling! I love the pic of Jack holding the cutest football in the whole world. :) And I love your costume -- super cute.

  2. Ha ha haaaa! I'm still laughing over that last part. What a bunch of party poopers you have in your ward! (Okay, I'm not really one to talk. I never dress up. Because I'm lazy.) I love Adam as a football! What an AWESOME idea. So cute. And the rest of the boys are as cute as always. You guys make the best costumes!

    Oh, and I LOVE Adam's last pumpkin picture. Oh my, that made me chuckle. He looks like he's got a good set of lungs on him. :D

    Your costume is just amazing. I love the stockings!

  3. I am often the only one that dresses up too. In our Escondido ward, Jake and I dressed up, and like 2 other adults did. Serious party poopers.

  4. I should move to your ward. I felt like the only adult who DIDN'T dress up at our Halloween party. Super cute kiddos. I love Adam as the football!!

  5. LOL about you being the only one dressing up. No, not really a subtle costume but super cute. At least you didn't have to explain to everyone what you were! Your kids have great costumes too :)