Sunday, October 14, 2012

Lucky Lady

Tonight I had 6 of my Laurels (church girls) from San Diego over for dinner plus 1 of their husbands and 1 of their boyfriends. I can't believe the luck that 6 of them were in the area and could come all on the same night. One more was supposed to come and bring her baby (!) but she ended up not making it.

I worked with the same 11 girls the whole 3 years that I was in YW in San Diego because first I worked with the Miamaids (14-15 year olds) and then with the Laurels (16-17) by the time they were that age. I LOVE these girls. They are so neat. I feel like they are just my good friends. It was so much fun to see them. I am a lucky lady to have worked with them. And I might still be just a little bitter that I got released from working in the YW here in Utah this August.

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  1. You guys all look so cute! What a fun thing to do! Amber, you look like one of the Young Women yourself!! No fair. :D