Sunday, January 13, 2013

Best Christmas Ever

Sometimes in the past me and Josh have professed to love the Christmas season but not love the actual day all that much. It seems like in years past we have sometimes had grumpy, overstimulated kids or boredom by the end of the day. Not our favorite.

This year, somehow, was just about perfect.All morning Josh and I kept looking at each other sort of in disbelief-what's going on? This is amazing! The kids were so good, so happy and it was just so much fun.

Looking back through these pictures just made me happy all over again. Perfect Christmas.

These pictures of my 4 boys in their Christmas jammies on Christmas morning make me soooo happy. They look like total goofballs and that's great, because that's what they are. (I made the jammie bottoms. Nathan's split right up the bum later that morning. Bummer!)

Adam has a thing for ducks, so he got a of ducks for Christmas. Every time he opened one, he kissed it on the beak. It was fantastic!

Exhibit A:

Exhibit B:

He did it with the one from Grandma and Grandpa too but I didn't catch that on camera. He loves his ducks!

I love this picture of Adam enjoying his new Christmas book from Santa.

Jack got the Destroyer Dome that he was hoping for! Good old Santa.

Dal was happy to be the recipient of the big mystery package under the tree. It's great to be the little guy but have the biggest present.

(It was a snowboard.)

Here's Nathan when he opened his Monster Jam ticket:

And I love the sheer joy on his face in this one. It's so Nathanish. It's just a box of markers but he's so thrilled!

Jack has been begging me for long time to make him a stuffed leopard to match his pillow. He got it for Christmas. (On a side note, Jack had counted all the presents under the tree and discovered that he had 1 less than his brothers. He informed me that I hated him and that he was the least favorite child. I was still working on the leopard. He took his words back when he saw it.) He named him Snuggle Buddy:

Adam, fat and happy with his Goldfish from his stocking:
I feel so happy. What a great Christmas.


  1. What fun pictures! And I agree, sometimes the actual Christmas day can be a bit blah compared to the build up. So glad yours was so great. I wish we lived closer so our boys could play together. I LOVE BOYS!!

  2. What darling boys. They are getting so big! Love that last shot of Adam.