Sunday, January 27, 2013

Top 10 Reasons Why Dallen is Rad

Dal's birthday was about 2 weeks ago (so sad because he was sick on the big day. Totally lame when you've been counting down to your birthday for like 7 months). So today, in honor of him turning 5, let me share with you the Top Ten Reasons Why Dallen is Totally and Completely Rad.

10. He's happy like 95% of them time.

9. He's silly and goofy and a total blast to hang out with.

 8. He likes meat. Favorite meal? Ribs. Followed by steak, ham, bacon and pork.

7. He loves pop music-favorite song: We Are Never Getting Back Together by Taylor Swift. But he can sing better than her. Just ask him to demonstrate sometime. You won't be sorry.

6. He has a ton of enthusiasm for everything and isn't afraid to try anything.

5. When he gets mad about something, he fights a good battle. Like 2 hours on the toilet refusing to wipe himself even though I told him I most definitely would not be doing it (since he is fully trained in that area).

4. He can do a headstand for hours. (And with completely straight legs now.)

3. Yes, that's a back flip and yes, he can land it.

2.He can do this.

1. He's just fantastic. I love him a million. Wouldn't you?


  1. Well #7 isn't fair...everybody is a better singer than Taylor Swift!

  2. Happy Birthday Dal! The splits balanced across two chairs...completely amazing. Here come the olympics!

  3. Yes, I would love him a million too!! And I do! What an fun, cute guy!! Happy Birthday 5 year old!!

  4. Gotta love a little guy who's so enthusiastic and fun to be around!!!

  5. I love my little boyfriend!!!! And I am highly impressed by those splits. Wish I could hear his song! ;)