Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Dallen is cute. Really cute. And I don't think it is just because I am his mom that I think so. I have mentioned before that he has a fan club. He is a charmer and he is fun. Lately he is talking in full paragraphs in his high pitched little voice. He sings tons of songs-his favorites are If You Chance to Meet a Frown (the above picture is his version of smiling that frown away), Jingle Bells and many others. Do you know sweet it is to hear a two year old belting out "I know He lives. I will follow faithfully?" His other newest trick is jumping and he does it all the time. He loves to get his feet off the floor. And he usually ends his jumps with a half spin that makes him look like he is dancing. I love it. I adore him.

But let me tell you the truth behind that darling, lovable, kissable face. Dallen is a stinker, a punk, a beast. (Those are the affectionate terms we use for him.) Let's start with an example:

On Saturday morning about 10:00, me, Nathan, Jack and Dal were in Nathan and Jack's room. I was reading them a chapter book while they played on the floor.

I guess I have to preface this story by saying that we have the doorknob on their door on backwards so that they can't lock us out. Recently Dal has learned to lock it, so he has locked his brothers in several times. Not cool in their book. Especially when mom is in the shower and not available to rescue them right away.

So, Jack got fed up and insisted that I do something. So, I, being the clever mom that I am, put a child proof doorknob cover on the outside thinking then he couldn't flip the lock.

So, back to the story. We were reading the book, Dal went out and, you guessed it...locked the door! And then couldn't get it unlocked because of the doorknob cover. So Jack, Nathan and I were trapped in their room. No phone. The doorknob has a keyhole. We had no key. And Josh wasn't going to get home for 3 more hours. I thought about trying to get onto the roof out their window, but Dal's window was closed, so I couldn't go through there and the house was locked, so even if I got off the roof that wouldn't do me much good.

Well, lucky for my kids, I am skilled in the art of breaking and entering, or in this case exiting. We found a Popsicle stick in their room and within a few minutes I had used it to bust us out.

Just a small taste of the trouble Dal can sometimes cause.

I have never had a child who draws on walls. Dal has created a masterpiece-repeatedly. The list of things Dal has broken in our house: the wii, our TV input/output holes, numerous DVDs, not just by scratching, but also by snapping, my computer (standing on it is NOT good for lap tops), window blinds, the piano in several ways, the lamp in his room (almost started a fire-he is now lightless in his room) and the list could go on and on. And on.

Anyway, we love this little punk. Adore this little punk. Especially because he always apologizes with a sweet "I sorry mommy." How can you not love that? And that adorable smiling face?


  1. I love love LOVE these last two posts! I love how you show the good and the bad of your life. It's refreshing! I should do a good and bad whenever I post something!

  2. I love that story. So funny, he locked you all in! Dal reminds me of Seth. I can't wait to get our kids together. I need to have Trey start reading those books. Do you just check them out at the library?