Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Goodbye First Grade

Just some fun pictures of the end of first grade for Nathan.

Clara moved in during the school year and Nathan instantly befriend her (which makes me proud). He said he told her "don't worry that no one else in this school is named Clara. I have a book about Clara the Cow" and their friendship blossomed. :)

Nathan sat by Carissa for a big part of the year. Until Ms. B had to separate them because Nathan just could not keep himself from the temptation of making Carissa laugh.

Ms. B. The greatest teacher ever. We love her.
And our friend Nana came to be the cookie fairy for the class the day before school got out:
Nathan does have friends who are boys too. I just didn't get pictures of them. His best friends in school are Bradley and Damien-our two neighbors.

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