Thursday, April 21, 2011

Corvette Diner or We Don't Suck Anymore Part 2

About 9 months ago I posted that we had stopped thumb sucking in our house entirely. Well, it turns out that I lied. I should have known it wouldn't last-Jack's thumb sucking habits were pretty intense.

At his most recent dentist appointment (about 6 months ago) I told the dentist to go ahead and do the metal insert in his mouth that would prevent him from sucking anymore. And then they told me the out of pocket cost...$500. I quickly changed my mind and decided we would try some (more) home remedies first.

And then it took me about 4 months before I finally bought what I should have bought AGES ago-Mavala STOP. This is probably my favorite product ever invented. (Thanks Laura for recommending it. You are my hero.) Only $13 on Amazon.

You paint it on just like nail polish but it has a REALLY bitter taste (apparently, I didn't actually try it). Being the sneaky mom I am, I went into Jack's room one night while he was sleeping and painted it on, thinking he would fight it if he was awake.

About midnight we woke up to crying from Jack. When Josh went to check on him he found Jack marching around his room spitting. He had tried to suck his thumb and had NO idea why it tasted so bad. When Josh told him what was going on, Jack was mad. And threw a slight middle of the night fit. But then he went back to sleep and literally did not complain once ever again about wearing the Mavala. I painted it on about twice a week and what do you know, a little over a month later he is completely stopped sucking even without the help of the blessed Mavala.

And so, as promised, our family took a celebratory trip to the Corvette Diner. This is a 50's style diner with a big turquoise corvette up front and wild and crazy waitresses who do things like dancing, singing "weenie songs" if you order a hotdog and decorating little girl's hair with straws.

We had dinner, but the best part are the shakes. They are real, honest to goodness shakes and they are yummy. I mean, just look at Josh. Doesn't he look slightly shake inebriated?

There is also an arcade with all kinds of fun games. No, this is not an inexpensive reward for breaking a bad habit, but hey, I saved $487 by not having the buy the mouth contraption so I am so WAY ahead.
Plus, we had all sorts of fun!


  1. I'm ordering some of that Mavala right now. I can't for the LIFE of me get Katherine to stop sucking!

  2. I was thinking we should probably start trying to get Mikey to stop sucking. I really think we are going to need this!

  3. Way to go Jack! And I LOVE that picture of Josh and the boys. Bartender--I'll have another round!


  5. What a fun reward!

    My parents used the bitter nail polish to get me to stop biting my nails. I can still taste that horrible taste when I think about it. Yuck!

    We're think of you a lot these days. Hope all your preparations are going well.

  6. My mom used something like this on ME! It works. You are the cutest pregnant lady ever! You and your rubbing it in that you still have ab muscles in the third trimester of your 4th baby....I still haven't gotten mine back from my first baby two years ago! Life is not fair. :)