Sunday, August 21, 2011

It's All About Adam

Why is it that 2 months with a baby on the outside of your body goes SO much faster than 2 months the baby inside your body?

Adam is 2 months old today. Two wonderful months. We love this kid. His brothers just can't get enough (I hope they remember that a few months down the line when he starts breaking their lego creations and such), I just can't stop holding him and loving him and daddy thinks he's something special.

I haven't posted pictures in a while-frankly my life has seemed sort of completely out of control for oh, say, the last 2 and a half months. I have no idea why. But here are some pictures to catch up. Also, a run down of what he is up to:

Adam started smiling for us at about 5 weeks. I wasn't sure whether to expect him to hit milestones at regular times or later since he was a preemie, but the smiling happened nice and on time, which is great! I haven't really caught a great picture of it yet, but he is sort of smiling here. My heart melts when he smiles at me just because I am me, not because I have done anything to make him smile.

He is trying to "talk" when he smiles too. The last few days he is working so hard on cooing but nothing has come out yet.

Sleep-wise he was doing great! Then we went on a vacation to Denver and everything completely fell apart. We have been back a week now and we are getting back to regular. He is up about 2 times a night. Josh does one of those feedings with a bottle usually which I have never had him do with any of the other kids and it is heavenly!

I think he is in the 9 pound range now. Keep in mind he started out at 4 pounds 12 ounces, so he is almost double now. I am sort of loving that my two month old still feels tiny like a newborn. He is starting to chub out though. Someone even commented on his cheeks at church today.

I have taken some comparison pictures and plan to continue this each month for the first year. Unfortunately I couldn't start until he came home, so he is 2 weeks in the first ones instead of brand new and he was up a full pound by then.

Here he is in the carseat the day we brought him home:

At 1 month:

At 2 months:

Here he is in the laundry basket at 1 month: (notice the male pattern baldness)

And 2 months:
 And a couple of other random pictures. Here is "Adam's Territory" which Nathan created for him just tonight:
 Here he is on his blessing day. He was lucky to have both grandpas and one great grandpa as well as 4 out of 5 uncles there to help bless him.
 Here he is sporting a blanket on his head care of his loving brother Dallen who thought he just might like to be warm:
And just for fun, here is a picture of Adam on the top and Jack on the bottom wearing the same outfit at about the same age (though of course Jack wasn't a preemie). Not the same, but brothers for sure. I love Jack's cheeks. Maybe Adam's will catch up too!


  1. He's definitely one of your boys! The pics of Jack and Adam in the same outfit are a little INSANE! They look so much alike, the same arm is lifted and the same leg is bent!!

    I hope your family is doing well. We have another member family that moved in across from the Papins, and lots of new families in the ward in the last couple of months. I see that you are in YW again. You're so great with the girls, and you can get your girlie fix. Tell Dallen that Eddie The Dog says, "yip yip bark bark"(hello).

  2. I love, love, love the family photo on your porch. What a beautiful fam!

  3. What a beautiful family you are. Adam is so cute! If you need someone to watch him you can just ship him down to me!

  4. Those cheeks are so cute! He has grown so much and is lucky to be surrounded by so much love!

  5. What a cutie pie!!!!!! I miss you guys.