Monday, December 26, 2011


For Thanksgiving we went to Denver. The whole family was there. Every cousin, aunt, uncle, grandma and grandpa. That equals 16 people. Out of those 16 people 3 of those are girls.

What happens when you have that much testosterone under one roof? A lot of competition. Turkey bowl football games, card games, nerf wars, and the crowning competition, a pinewood demolition derby.

My brother Doug built a track:
All the crazy boys (and Grandma and Aunt Natalie) built cars.

And they raced them. And let them crash into each other until they broke. Once your car broke, you were out of  the race. Unfortunately, the cars were quite strong this year and a few of them never did break completely:
Here's Dallen about to race his car:
Here's my mom's Pretty Hippo car:
Nathan about to race:
The full lineup of crazy cars:
And a closeup of our family's cars (Nathan's on the left and Dallen's on the right):
 Jack's car:
My boys were a little disappointed that their cars broke pretty early on, but they still had a great time. My brothers are crazy.


  1. Wow! Those cars are gnarly!! Some demolition derby! Whew!

  2. It's true, your brothers are crazy! :) What a unique family tradition!