Friday, February 24, 2012

8 is Great!

We've hit 8 months old around here (Adam that is) and he's still tiny but adorable. Starting to fill up that laundry basket though. I'm planning to make a collage of all 12 months of laundry basket photos when he hits a year and I think it will be fun to see the growth.
 Love that cute, sweet face. He was blowing raspberries at me here:
 I think this kid's going to be trouble. Doesn't he looking like he's scheming here:
 Some updates on my guy:

He is a great eater. I am happy about that since I have several not good eaters. He has only rejected two foods so far-peas and beef/veggie dinner. His favorite thing? Biter Biscuits. The kid can chew and swallow a full biter biscuit in like 2 minutes flat. His arms and legs start flailing when he sees us bringing one to him. Here he is enjoying his biscuit:
 And a new discovery...waffles and pancakes. He is sitting next to me mauling a pancake right now. Keeps him happy for a while.
He finally has two teeth busting through. These are his first and are several months later than my other boys. Not complaining. He hasn't been too fussy about that experience.

He still doesn't sit up. The crazy kid is fully capable but just not interested. I am hoping he will learn to soon because I think emotionally he needs to be getting around more, doing more, etc. but physically he just isn't quite there yet. He is starting to wriggle his way around just a little. Going to have to start keeping a closer eye on him.

He like strings. On blankets, on jackets, bonus when they are on his own clothes! He loves to chew and suck on them.

He's a mama's boy. I am not sure whether to love that or hate that. I mean, how flattering that he wants me all the time and looks for me when someone else is holding him but how obnoxious when I am cooking dinner and he wants to "help" (ie. I hold him while I cook). When daddy gets home daddy picks him up and carries him all over so this kid is getting spoiled.

He still adores those brothers. Dallen is the only person who can really get belly laughs from this kid. He is stingy with the laughs. I have a few tricks that usually get a giggle but I have to work for them.

Josh has got him saying "adadadadadada" sounds now. Prepping him for his first word I guess.

He loves baths and drinks his bath water. He just turns his head to the side and takes a sip over and over and over when he is in the tub. I can't get him to stop.

He's a sweetie!

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  1. But two will do! Did you know that title is an old Chemistry teacher trick to teach kids about valence electrons? Josh would be proud. :)

    I want to kiss that face!!!!!