Monday, March 12, 2012

Happy Birthday Mr. President

I like days off from school. I like it that my boys had a Monday in February off from school for President's day. Thank you Presidents for being born.

It hasn't snowed much in Utah this winter. Probably less than 6 inches total where we live. But when it snowed the Sunday before President's day Nathan and I made a plan...sledding and lunch at DQ on the day off. But then by Sunday afternoon the snow had melted.

Looking to the base of the mountains in the distance, I saw snow and we decided to try driving to the park at the foot of the mountains and just see what happened.

When we pulled up we noticed tons of cars, tons of people and SNOW!

Now remember, we left Wisconsin when Nathan was barely 5, Jack was barely 3 and Dallen was about 7 months. So, Dallen has never sledded, Jack has but doesn't remember it, and Nathan only barely remembers it.

Sheer joy is what they experienced. Here's Jack's first run:

 Doesn't that picture just say it all?

Mr. Daredevil went down the big hill and the big jump face first well before his brothers were even ready for the big hill:

I called to Nathan to be careful of the trees at the bottom of the hill. When he got back to the top he told me to say it to him in scientific terms next time. I can't remember exactly how he worded it but it something to do with "results could be fatal."

 This is how Adam spent most of his time:

 Proof that I was there. And yes, I took a few runs while the boys watched the baby:


  1. So fun! Ms. San Diego I think you just might survive UT :)

  2. So awesome! I love that first picture. Dallen's face is priceless. And you are beautiful in that last picture.