Sunday, April 15, 2012

Not Just for Girls

This year I decided that getting all fancy for Easter isn't just for girls since I don't have any of those to get fancy for Easter. So I bought my boys fancy Easter shirts and ties. All except Adam because wouldn't you know, I couldn't find any cute shirt and tie sets in his size. Is that weird? Wouldn't you think that at Easter you could find that? So he's wearing an old set. I could only find long sleeve for the bigger boys so I just bought them and made them short sleeve.

Anyway, I prepped my boys the night before telling them that I would be taking their pic in the morning, so be prepared. They pulled through fantastically. Well, all but Adam. He felt very sad for some reason.

Here's my cuties:

 Doesn't he look pitiful here?


Love those little boys. They make me happy.


  1. Oh my goodness!! What a handsome bunch of boys you have! I love the group shot! Grandmas SHOULD NOT live so far away :(

  2. Very handsome!!! Love those guys:)

  3. Such a darling group of boys!

  4. So cute! Way weird that you couldn't find anything for Adam. Cal was always dressed up ridiculously. I have to do it while he's too young to care... :)