Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Which holiday?

Some fun holiday pictures for your looking enjoyment. But which holiday is this?

Costume, pumpkin, but why is Amber posting pictures of Halloween in April?
Why is Jack's pumpkin filled with eggs? (By the way, he is not in fact grouchy or sad in this picture, this is his version of a posed smile.)

I promise you, we do not have our holidays mixed up. Well, Josh and I don't anyway, the boys might. We took them to the ward Christmas party in their Halloween costumes (because they are red and green-we have to be festive don't we?), we took them Easter egg hunting with their pumpkin buckets, hey, at least our kids can never complain that we squelched their sense of individuality and creativity. We just go with the flow.

Anyway, a family in our ward invited us over for an Easter Egg hunt on Saturday afternoon and the boys loved it. This was Dal's first experience finding eggs and he was a pro!

And he liked the chocolate:

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