Friday, August 13, 2010


I took Jack out on a mommy date tonight to get his school supplies for Kindergarten and to get a Blizzard at DQ. While we were chatting about his upcoming school adventures I mentioned that I hope his teacher will let me come volunteer in his class sometimes.

"Would you like that?" I asked.

His reply-"ya, but I hope you don't fart and all of the kids point at you and laugh."

You and me both Jack, you and me both.


  1. Ha ha ha ha ha!! Hilarious!

  2. Classic! I just read that to Sam and he said, "Why? Does she do that or something?" That made me laugh even harder!!! I reassured him that you do not make a habit of farting in public.

  3. How funny is that?! Thanks for the laugh!!
    He must have some reason for concern about such a thing!!

  4. Oh man, I love that Jack! I think I'll be laughing all night!

  5. This story makes me giggle aloud.