Thursday, August 19, 2010

Hello Goodbye

Having friends is a wonderful thing. Making friends and then not getting to live close to them anymore is a sad thing.

In Madison we were attached at the hip to the Dickmans-basically spent every single day together and since our families match up perfectly (2 boys each back then, 3 boys each now), it worked great. When we both moved away from Madison two summers ago it was pretty devastating to me. The good news though is that they moved to Northern CA and we moved to Southern CA, so we get to see each other once in a while. And when we do it's like we never separated-so much fun! The kids pick up right where they left off and I feel like I just can't stop talking to Nanci.

One lucky weekend at the end of July, the Dickmans came to town (isn't it convenient that their family has a reunion in San Diego every year?) We spent all day Saturday with them doing some San Diego things like the Mormon Battalion and Mt. Soledad and then we went to the beach with them on Monday. It was a dream come true. Sad that it was short, but it was so much fun while it lasted. Check out this roundup of kids and moms:And because I never have pictures of myself with my friends, I finally got one with Nanci. (I think this is the first and only picture I have of the two of us together):

In the same weekend that we were saying hello and goodbye to the Dickmans, we were also saying a sad farewall, or hopefully see you later, to the Soelbergs.

One summer, two months is all we got with these guys but oh what fun we had. I think the highlight of it all for me was the day at the beach (every Friday we went to the beach) that Sara and I boogie boarded. What a wonderful life it is when you get to boogie board with a good friend while your kids play on the beach with your other friends. It was great. Nathan, Jack and especially Dallen can't stop talking about LibbyJenna and Sara and Joe. In fact, this morning Dallen told me that I am Sara, he is Libby and Daddy is Joe. Honestly I don't think he even knows they are gone. What a wonderful family. Now, check out this brood of moms and kids:

And, because, like I said, I never get pictures of me and my friends, I made sure to get one with Sara:
Friends are a good thing. I am glad for good friends. Justin agrees:


  1. Seriously, I can't believe we are gone. Gone! I want to go boogie boarding with you tomorrow at the beach.

    We love you guys. I can't believe what a blessing it was to have you this summer. As long as Jack is marrying Jenna, we might as well solidify Nathan and Libby. Right?

    Thanks Amber for a fantastic summer!

  2. I have been soooo out of the loop with blogs, including my own! It's so fun to see yours and the great time we had with you guys while in sunny San Diego! Man, I wish I lived there!! We miss you guys!