Friday, August 20, 2010

Farewell Summer

Summer is almost over-sigh. I will miss the lazy days, the lingering in bed until we want to get moving instead of having to rush out the door, the fun daily activities, the summer reading program, the late bedtimes, and so much more. I admit, I won't miss the constant and incessant fighting between Jack and Dallen.

Probably my favorite thing we did all summer were the three days that we drove down to Cousin Laura's pool and went swimming and then out to lunch. The boys got Wienerschnitzel, me and Laura got amazing pizza or Chipotle. And then we had a picnic. After swimming the boys like to lay out on the concrete to warm up. I used to do that as a kid. And I admit, I still sometimes join the boys in it. (Nathan is being a lizard in this picture, that is why his tongue is out.)

We also did beach days every Friday. I finally braved the beach with my camera one day when my car was parked close enough that I could take the camera right back to the car after I took some pictures:

Laura came only twice-the punk! She was out of town most the summer!
Nathan was digging a really deep hole-hence the strange pose.

My pictures of Jack didn't come out good. :(

Other highlights included swimming lessons (two sessions-wish we could have done more), BBQ/pool parties with the Soelbergs, park days, splash park, and Mt. Soledad. And everything. It was a nice summer and I bid it a wistful and fond farewell. The good thing about life though, is that there is always something exciting to look forward to. Now we move towards Fall and Halloween and then the holidays!

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  1. Yes, I think swimming and picnics should be a summer tradition. And that cousin Laura--meow! :) it looks like I am pulling up my skirt to show off some leg when I am really just holding my camera case.