Friday, April 22, 2011

Couple of Pictures

A few folks have been asking to see the following:

These are for Dal's room at our new house. I am doing a monster theme and have some other fun projects planned, including a third monster (frame is painted and ready, I just need to make the monster). I have had a lot of fun making these and discovered that my appliqueing skills are better than I thought, although if you looked too closely you would see that they are far from perfect. As a side note, women who are 6 months pregnant should not sit on the floor to sew, and yet I do it all the time. I don't know how to sew any other way. All in the name of cute projects

And because you know my mother keeps asking (ok, she doesn't really, but she does say she wonders what my gut is looking like these days) this is me today-27 weeks pregnant, aka hello third trimester. No, that is not a high quality picture, but I thought it was cool that it looks like a star is growing out of my eye, so I decided to use it anyway.
I have to say, I think I am enjoying this pregnancy more than any other so far. (Other than the morning sickness in the beginning.) I think maybe my body was in better shape from the start-I don't know, but I still have ab muscles which seems weird this late in the game with a 4th child and I haven't gained all that much weight at all so far, knock on wood. And I have been determined to feel cute this time around instead of large and frumpy and so far, so good. I love it. I feel good.

Yesterday I found out I am anemic and the nurse said "the Dr. would like you to start taking an iron supplement in addition to your prenatal." So, uh, I was thinking maybe if I actually started taking my prenatal I would you know, have enough iron. So I did the past two days and what do you know, my energy level seems to be up. Guess I should keep taking those...


  1. I have to say I am a little jealous that you were anemic. I have been soooooo tired I was kind of hoping that was why so I could start taking iron and have more energy. Doug says I should just take iron anyway. I have also been sewing on the floor. Definitely not a good idea for someone 6 months pregnant!

  2. Cutest! I don't see you enough . . . stupid teaching.

  3. Thanks for the picture Ams. What a cute baby bump!! And the monsters are great!