Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Fun

With Dallen being down for the count for two weeks, I was also mostly down for the count. I spent 10 days doing hardly anything but sitting on the couch with him watching movie after movie or "rocky-byeing" him.

So, when I talked to my mother in law on Thursday last week and she told me all the Easter fun she was planning for her Easter dinner that she was hosting, the bug started to kick in. In a bad way. I knew I needed some projects.

When Friday morning dawned and Dal was miraculously feeling better (exactly at the 10 day mark, just like they said), we hauled ourselves to Target to get some supplies and to be ready for some Easter fun.

A whole weekend with nothing going on other than 2 Little League games meant we had lots of time to fill with Easter excitement. It was wonderful-we haven't had a weekend that empty in a while.

Here is a sampling of our Easter activities:

"What is that?" you may ask. That is a s'more made with Easter marshmallows. It was REALLY good.
Or, for those of us (Josh) who really wanted to walk on the wild side, a s'more made with a peep:
 We also made sock bunnies to decorate our Easter table with:
And a fun peep inspired centerpiece. I don't like to eat those things but I sure do think they are cute to look at!

The Easter bunny showed up. Easter Bunny Snood that is. Nathan always has big ideas. Sunday's included making himself Easter bunny ears and then putting on "Bunny and Chick School" for Jack and Dallen all day long. They played and played and played and had so much fun together. Nathan and Jack were bunnies and Jack was a chick. They did everything from math to show and tell to PE. It was wonderful and cute.
Other festivities not pictured: Dying Easter eggs, having a spur of the moment spiritual lesson about the events leading up to Easter that the boys were really engaged in, Easter cookies made with Reese's Pieces Eggs, Easter egg hunt, and Easter Egg cake balls. Yes, lots of food. Also lots of fun.


  1. I LOVED playing school with my sisters when we were young! I wish I could've been there for Easter dinner. I hear Laura and Sam had fun!

  2. That's the cutest Easter Bunny I've ever seen!!
    A s'more made with a peep? Just the idea makes me want to gag!! You are a brave man Josh.