Saturday, April 23, 2011

A Whole Lot of This Going on...

Ice cream sandwich eating that is. Way more of that going on lately than normal. Dal had his tonsils out last week. We were fully stocked on popsicles, ice cream, jello, pudding, and yogurt, but when it came right down to it, what he really wanted were the ice cream sandwiches. And we let him eat as many as his little body could handle. At least it's food and hey, it has the name sandwich in it, so it counts as a meal right?

He had his tonsils out on Tuesday, April 12th basically because they were huge and he tends to get sick a lot. It was sort of optional and really I wish somebody would have said "this must be done" instead of leaving it up to us, but in the long run we decided to go ahead and do it. 

That was 10 days ago and it has been a long ten days. For him and for me and for Josh. When we first brought this little guy home from the hospital we noticed that he had a real knack for knowing exactly the moment that Josh and I crawled into bed and then immediately he would start "nnnnnyyyyeeeeing" and "eeeerrrrrrgggging" so that we had to get up and take care of him. It seems that knack came back this week and I have to say, we were up in the night more with him this week than I think we were even when he was a newborn. It's been a long week.

But today he is feeling much better and we are hopeful that it will all prove to be worth it. In the meantime I have come to realize how much so many people here mean to us. One friend brought him a couple of books, another brought him a stuffed dog tied to a bunch of balloons. This dog really brought a lot of comfort to him this week: (he named it Balloon since it came tied to Balloons)
Another brought more ice cream sandwiches, another brought dinner, others called to check in. And it really hit me that we are leaving all of these wonderful people. Sigh. We love these friends. And I am really grateful that Dallen is feeling better.

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  1. Oh how I hate the surgery!! It's painful for the kid and the parents. We have had 12 surgeries at our house. Two of them have been tonsils. Hate it!!! Glad he is feeling better!