Sunday, October 12, 2008

Splash Park and Pumpkin Patch

Two fun things we did this week: on Monday and Wednesday we went to a splash park that we found nearby. Wednesday we went with some friends from Nathan's school which was really fun both for the boys because they love to play with all the kids and for me because I really like the moms. We have found sort a little group to be friends with there. Four moms (including myself) each with kids in kindergarten and then a handful of other kids-two Jack's age and 1 Dallen's age, so it works out well. Two of the three live right near us (one of them just 2 doors down).

Dallen really enjoyed the splash park. I think part of it was that enjoyed being mostly naked. I got some really great pictures of him but this was my favorite because of his bright blue eyes:

This one just cracks me up. I told the boys to sit down and let me take a picture of them with their arms around each other. Now normally on a blog you would just post the lovely picture of the two smiling boys lovingly wrapping their arms around each other's shoulder and grinning at the camera, but I just had to post the picture that captures the reality of their relationship. In this picture Jack is yelling "he's choking me!"
Then moments later they have worked it out and have that sweet brotherly love thing going. I love the looks on their faces here:
The other great thing we did this week was our annual trip to a pumpkin patch. In Wisconsin on any Saturday in October you could find us at a local farm on their pumpkin patch. So we wanted to try to keep the tradition alive and after a quick search on Google found that there is in fact a pumpkin patch just 15 minutes from us up in Escondido. So we hopped in the car all rallied up and ready to pick some pumpkins. When we got there we thought "surely that can't be the pumpkin patch" so we kept driving until we finally realized that the first thing we passed my have really been the pumpkin patch. So back we went to the small farm nestled right next to the busy I-15 with the small field with scattered pumpkins. So much for the corn mazes and kettle corn, barns and petting zoos of the Wisconsin pumpkin patches. There isn't a lot we miss about Wisconsin weather, but a nice fall day in Wisconsin, especially if you are visiting a pumpkin patch, just can't be beat.

Anyway, we really had a great time at our California pumpkin patch. It was a cool day actually-we were even in long pants for the first time since moving here and I got some really great pictures. Here are just a few:


  1. You should look up the Bates Nut Farm (outside of Escondido, I think) and the Pumpkin Station in Del Mar. We've never been to either, but plan on exploring both. I know nothing about the Pumpkin Station except that it has fair rides and such. But I do have friends who went to the Bates Nut Farm just yesterday with their little guy and said he loved their petting zoo. She also mentioned that they have a corn maze, and tons of pumpkins, etc. Good luck!

    P.S. Where is that splash park? Is it the same one the ward mom and me group went to?

  2. i want your secret :) address is your boys are growing so fast!!

  3. It sounds like a fun week! If it makes you feel any better, we went to a pumpkin patch this past Saturday and, although it was awesome, it was burning hot! 80 degrees in mid-October? You'd think we were in San Diego or something! :)