Monday, October 27, 2008

Things I am Grateful for...

I have had a nice day on the good news front:

1. My mother in law, who we found out about a week and a half ago has cancer, had an appointment with the oncologist today and it appears that the lump that was already removed was the only cancer in her body at this time! We couldn't have asked for better news on that front.

2. I got a $44 check in the mail today out of the blue! Apparently we overpaid a bill in Madison so they were reimburing us. Or maybe it was a deposit we originally made or something, but whatever it is, I like it! Don't you wish you got random checks in the mail everyday?

3. My 3rd bit of good news for the day I just realized I really can't post. It isn't my news to share, but for the people out there whose good news it is, yay!


  1. Yay for your mother-in-law! That's fantastic news. :) And, of course, I too am a fan of random monies finding their way back into my pocket. I hope that soon you'll be able to share this great non-shareable news with the rest of us! I love good news and need more of it in my life right now. :) My guess - someone's pregnant. :) Good night!

  2. What great news! And yay for money! What's the third one? Is it time to share yet?