Sunday, November 9, 2008

Camping Rewards and Date Night with Dal

There can't be anything better in the world than two boys, sitting on their dad's lap by the light of a campfire on a Friday night telling stories, eating smores, and singing songs about "Grey Squirrels" shaking their bushy tails. Nathan and Jack earned a daddy camping trip for their good behavior rewards charts, so Friday night Josh paid up. He took them to some lake I think (I don't know where it was or what it was called) and they did the whole camping thing. They had a wonderful time and I so glad they have a daddy who does such special things with them and I am so glad that I get to stay home and not be part of the camping thing (I am not really interested in sleeping on the ground thank you very much.) Me and Dallen had a little date of our own which involved dragging him around town doing some Christmas shopping (I am almost done!), getting me dinner at Panera (yum!), him going to bed, me watching the recorded version of the SYTYCD finale and then going to be by 9:30. Really exciting.

I thought I had other interesting things to post about but can't really think of any. Let's see. Here are the highlights of our week: Nathan and Jack were both sick or something on Thursday (Nate stayed home from school but was feeling better by about 9:30 so we ended up just having fun doing things together at home), we had some friends over for dinner tonight-a girl I met at the library who is also LDS and also just moved to the area and her family, a certain proposition passed here and now we are getting to hear about all of the lovely aftermath (good thing we have strong testimonies and now that what we are standing for is what the Lord wants us to be standing for), Monday night was a big Stake FHE which involved 135 people from our ward standing on a corner waving signs (for that certain prop) which actually was a lot of fun, yesterday I had a Super Saturday enrichment with crafts and classes, and it rained all day here today! (Loved that!)

Everyday when I pick Nathan up we stay at the playground and play for a while. This week I decided to take some pictures. I didn't get too many great ones but here are a few that are pretty cute!

Jack with his cute little friend Caleb:

Nathan the monkey with his friend Joshua (Caleb's brother-convenient that they have kids the same ages as mine and I really like their mom too!)

Jack Swinging:

And my funny little Dal who is so happy to hang out in the stroller and eat crackers and charm all the moms with his cute dimples:

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