Monday, November 10, 2008

Chicken Guts

Today has been one of those know the kind. Nothing major is going wrong, just lots of little things. Here is my experience from just after lunch:

Taking Dal upstairs to put him down for nap. I get to his room and the phone rings. Since it is in his room I decide to grab it. It is a business call and stupidly, I decide to answer it. It's a customer wanting to place an order-Great! I place her on "hold" (laying the phone outside of Dal's room on the landing) so I can lay the baby down for his nap quickly. But, Dal's crib is full of toys that Jack loaded into there earlier. I empty it as quickly as possible so that the customer isn't on hold too long. Lay baby down, close door, grab phone and head downstairs.

Sit down at computer to take order. Computer won't work. Grab crayon and piece of paper to write down her order so I can enter it into the computer later. She starts giving me her information, Jack starts singing. Jack continues to sing at the top of his lungs "chicken guts, chicken guts, la la la la chicken guts." Agh! OK, really the situation was funny and that is why I am writing about it.

1 comment:

  1. Hahahaha, too funny....I am not familiar with that'll have to let me know how the rest of it goes :)