Monday, November 10, 2008

"I like peaches in heavy syrup...

...they're just good!"

Anyone remember that Geico commercial from like 6 years ago? It was one of me and Josh's favorites! Tonight it keeps running through my head along with "I just saved hundreds by switching to Geico!" (which I did in fact do just a few months ago). But tonight those slogans don't run through my head because of car insurance, they run through my head because I feel like a walking commercial. I have talked about it before, but I am going to talk about it again. I just have to! The Grocery Game

Dear Jen (Riday)-

You my friend are what I call a great friend. There are many reasons why you are a great friend, but tonight it is because you saved me $150 on groceries. Ah yes-several months ago you taught me to play "The Grocery Game" and tonight I scored big! For three months now I have been saving at the grocery store, but tonight was the best yet.

At the first store (of two) that I went to tonight, they were having an amazing sale on all things baking. I bought flour, sugar, cake mixes, brownie mixes, frosting, yeast, vanilla, powder sugar, brown sugar, cream of chicken soup, chips, chicken stock and other great things that I can't even remember right now. Bags and bags of these things-months and months worth of these things. And I spent $73. Total savings of $90.78 AND a $10 gift card for my next trip to the store (which may be tomorrow to take advantage of these sales again before they end). Between that and the trip to CVS and my other standby grocery store, I saved $150 today and came home with groceries galore, wrapping paper, toothpaste and all sorts of great spoils.

So again I say thank you. Thank you for teaching me to play the Grocery Game. This is too much fun!

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  1. I have started the gorcery game thanks to your reccomendation. (Yes i put your email addy in for the refferal). I must say I AM ADDICTED as well. I am still waiting for the HUGE savings to be fully realized but I sure do have alot of stuff to show for my money!! Thanks!!!