Sunday, September 5, 2010

Back to School

It's bittersweet, but the boys are back to school. Jack was SO excited to start kindergarten. I think mostly because Grammy bought him a new shirt and pair of shoes that I told him he couldn't wear until school started, but still, it got him excited and so far he is loving it. Nathan always loves school, so I knew he would be excited and I knew he would be thrilled.

But without further ado, here are the traditional first day of school pictures:

Nathan, my big second grader. Can I just say that I LOVE this picture of him. It is so Snoodish (Snood is what we call him around here). I think I will be framing it and hanging it in our living room:
Jack, on the other hand just kept looking like he was in pain. He is not in fact in pain, but doing his version of a smile:

Until this one where I got a genuine smile:

(BTW, it was like 95 degrees that day but my boys chose to wear long sleeves anyway.)

And of course, Dallen, aka "Me too" had to have a picture that morning as well:
And, good moms always make special back to school treats right? :) (Actually good moms probably feed their kids fruit after school, but whatever.) Each year I try to do something for their first day of school and here is this year's creation. Jack couldn't tell what they were-I hope you can:

I tell you, that first day of school was nutty! After dropping the boys off at school, Dal and I went out for bagels with some friends, then on to Target quickly, then home to get the cupcakes made before picking Jack up at 12 and then Nathan up at 2:30 and I can't even remember what else other than that I got 44 phone calls that day. Yes, 44. I counted. All but maybe 5 of those were business. That was by far my biggest day of the year so far, which is great, but add that to trying to get all the back to school stuff in there and I was exhausted by the end of the day.

So far school is great. Jack has found a sweet little friend, Andrew. who just happens to be the brother of a new friend Nathan made and who he sits right next to in his class, Amanda. Fun! They both love their teachers and are doing well so far. Of course homework hasn't started yet so they aren't complaining about that every afternoon.

I get to be the "Play Dough Parent" in Jack's class. How cool is that? We made 4 double batches of bright play dough yesterday. I already have big plans for orange and black play dough for Halloween, cinnamon and peppermint scented play dough for Christmas and pastels for spring. I am such a nerd. :)


  1. I just sent you an email wondering how the start of school went. This is my answer! :)

    Those cupcakes look awesome. And I LOVE the long sleeves!

    Cute boys!!!

  2. So fun! Of course I can tell what the cupcakes are!! So cool. That picture of the boys hugging is so sweet. 44 business calls?!?! Man. You guys should have each gotten your own dessert tonight. :)

  3. Play dough parent, huh? Never heard of such a thing! Fun!