Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Birthday Party Squared

It's birthday season in our house. Jack and Nathan the first week of June, Josh two weeks later and I wouldn't be surprised if this baby decides to make an appearance say June 30th just to keep our June hopping. (Though he would technically be preemie by a day at that point.)

Since we will be in Utah by the boys' birthdays, we had an early party here. And since I feel bad that we are leaving and since they only have parties every other year, we sort of went all out. I have to say, it was really convenient that we did them on back to back days (Jack's was Friday night, Nathan's Saturday night) and that we did the exact same thing twice. So while I went to a lot of work, it was work for two parties, not just one.

And, I maybe went a little over the top. But I had fun doing it. We had a Lego theme (because Jack is smart and knowing that he wanted to get a lot of Legos for his bday figured if he themed his party that way, people would bring him legos. He was right.)

Here are the invite:
 Inside the favor bags:
This is Lego shaped candy:
There were a few other simple things inside the favor bags which looked like this: 
(can you tell that that is supposed to be a Lego guy head?) 
 Lego themed juice boxes:
Lego pinata:
I made some Lego banners and hung them around the room along with red, green, yellow and blue streamers and balloons:
 The table had the same color scheme (and notice my cool fork holder):
And the crowing glory...the CAKE: (Me and Josh spent a LONG time rolling out all the little balls to put on the Legos:
For the party we actually kept it pretty simple. A game of pin the missing piece on the Lego brick, a pinata, a treasure hunt, pizza, cake and then we just had Lego coloring pages and Legos out for the kids to play with and they ran around in the back yard. Oh, and a rousing game of "Lego, Lego, Brick" (aka duck, duck, goose):
I didn't take too many pics during the party because I was enjoying the party. But here are the happy birthday boys:

I spent all day Friday decorating the house and getting things set up and when they got home from school their reactions made every bit of it worth while... "oh wow! Look at this! This is going to be SO fun!" "This is amazing!!" etc.


  1. Looks like two great parties! Good job on the cake :) Oh and seeing your backyard- what a great view. Enjoy your weather a little longer.

  2. Wow! What a party! You are very creative. I loved the cake and all that went with it. Lucky boys!!!

  3. Looks so fun!! I'm glad it all worked out! Love the cake. Did the fondant taste good? It sure looks cute.

  4. I miss those boys! Happy Birthday to them both!