Saturday, May 14, 2011

The Girlies in My Life

I guess because I have no girls in my life, the Lord decided to bless me with a weekly girl's night out in the form of Young Women's at church. For the last 13 months I have been serving as the YW President and before that for a year and a half as the Miamaid Advisor and 1st Counselor.

Sadly, they didn't seem to think I could continue this calling with a weekly or biweekly commute from Utah, so this past Sunday they released me. This was my favorite calling yet. More work than I had imagined, but also sweeter rewards than I knew. And here are those sweet rewards:

Beautiful, bubbly Ashley who happened to run into the wall the day before this picture,
hence the scar on the lip:
 Sweet Hannah who plays "the finger game" over the pew in church with Dallen and the amazingly talented Cindy:
 Stalwart Crystal who can always be counted on for anything:
 The gorgeous sisters: Denise and Vanessa (or Vaneshka as I like to call her):
 Wild and crazy Erica. Isn't this picture amazing?
 Cuties Melissa and Amelia who looked at me crazy when I wanted to take their picture until I told them I always wanted to remember them and then they happily posed:
 And my dear Natalie. Positive, happy, fun and one of my boys' favorite people (ahem, and one of mine too):
This is Saint Susan. After working with her in YW for the last 2 years I have decided at add Saint to her name officially because she is in every way a saint. Truly, she would do anything for anyone. I adore her. I wish I was more like her.

This is only a handful of my girlies and leaders-so many of them weren't there Sunday!! I will have to try to get more pictures. I took some at my house last week during our activity but they didn't turn out very good. And the leaders I have worked with have been amazing and wonderful. How am I supposed to leave these people? Really, while it is a relief to be released in some ways, it is more sad than anything.

So, to say goodbye to each girl and leader, I made them a necklace with their name and birthstone. I had a blast making them and they really seemed to love them!! New hobby!
Sigh. I feel like this was just part one of many goodbyes to many things I love. I hate moving away.

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