Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Color My World

One of the things I will miss most about San Diego...
These are some of the moms from Jack's class at school who I have gotten to be really good friends with. I can't believe I know these amazing and beautiful ladies and I can't believe I am leaving them. 

This is Meha (top left) who is Indian but grew up in Kenya, Celestine (top right) who is Indian and has lived in the US for maybe like 8 years now, Ohmy (bottom right) who is from Thailand (and her husband is Dutch) and Cristy (bottom left)-oh sure, she's a white girl like me, but her husband is Chinese. I feel so boring amongst these ladies.

Not pictured and who could have been: Shilpah (Indian), Lilac (Israeli), and several other more casual friends from Italy, China, etc. And there's also our wonderful neighbors Tala and Damien from Iran.

Honestly these women have expanded my world both through friendship and sharing in motherhood during the kindergarten year but also in teaching me about their countries, in helping me see what a big and beautiful world we have and how neat it is for our cultures to come together. This has been an invaluable part of living in San Diego. And I am really going to miss it. Oh and Celestine's Indian cooking which she has shared with me several times. :)

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  1. So hard to leave friends :( Are you saying UT isn't as ethnically diverse?